Windows 10 Theme on Linux Mint Systems


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There is a good theme for linux mint where you could have it exactly as Windows 10, but with Linux mint system and get that fast experience of linux with this theme.

Here is the link to the real theme:

You can download the icons here:

Here are some of my screenshots for it:

Linux start menu:

System settings:

Desktop image:

Desktop image number 2:

I am willing to share this for free, the icons are from gnome-looks, and the wallpaper is as well, the theme is very fast so you wont regret using this :)

The theme falls under GNU General Public License 3, so its free to use for everybody.
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I removed the direct link to the zip file. Please provide a link to a project page like something on github instead of attaching the zip directly here.
I have linked to the original theme, and its free to use to everybody, since its under GPLv3, so download and improve, upload in this thread if you improve it.
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