Will you like Unity in Ubuntu 12.04?



Will you like Unity in Ubuntu 12.04? I heard they were making some really nice changes and improvements. Can't wait to get a better computer to test it out on when it's officially released.

I found the launch bar to be a little flaky in Beta 2. Like icons would have the "active" indicator still there after I had closed the app. Only after I right clicked on something would it redraw.
Only had a very brief glance at Unity in Ubuntu 12.04 mainly because it doesn't work on my old laptop without some tweaking. Don't really see any advantage in all that eye candy. That wasn't why I migrated to Linux. If I had preferred form over function, then I would have stayed with Windows.
I love the idea of Unity, but I cannot say that I will like it any more than what I have in previous versions. I am hoping there will be some major improvements with this interface or desktop environment as it does have a lot of potential. It has a great look, but I am a firm believer that functionality and usability comes before appearance!
I am using in my desktop, it is easy to use and a fast application. Because it have added a new user desktop environment.
Happy to use......
i tried for a few days in beta now from the live cd.I've noticed great strides in Unity, very fluid, and also responded more quickly.Is added some refinement,in my opinion is a great evolution.

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