Hello @erwin7,
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We will need a bit more info about your system in order to be of much help,
In Mint go to a terminal and type this command and post the output back in your next post.
inxi -Nn
The we should be able to give better advice.

You can also go to this page and you may find help for your particular wifi card.
Question Like how can I fix that without any details, What's not working , what have your tried, etc. are a little hard to give advice on. :( At the very least give use the make and model of the computer your using.
ok thank you, i work with asus sonicmaster, linux mint 21,
internet by kabel works !, but not with wifi !
tried everything, red on the internet that er are some software problems with mint 21 ?!
think problem is wireless network card or the driver,
i dont know how to fix this !
thanks greetings erwin from amsterdam the netherlands
Welcome there are not many problems with mint or any other linux, the problem is usually hardware related,
INXI should be already installed , if not you can install it from the mint repository via the software manager,
then open a terminal [black box on left of bottom bar with $_ in it] and enter the code as requested [or cut and paste] inxi -Nn and enter
highlight the complete report and post back here, I suspect you will have an RTL wi fi which may need special drivers

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