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Wifi networks not showing


Jul 21, 2021
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Hi all. Kind of a newbie here. I Flashed Kubuntu to a thumb drive and boot up an hour ago. I usually like to connect to wifi and then do the install. When I look for wifi it does not show any networks to connect to. I have 2 different wifi's, a 2.4 and a 5g and neither show up. In fact there are none to connect to. I noticed this on ArcoLinux as well. I have a wifi card (intel wifi-6 ax200 160MHz) on the mobo (Im using windows 11 right now and on same wifi I allways use). Am I missing something obvious?

possibly a missing driver run up the "live " pen drive and try running inxi -Nn [depending on distribution you may have to install inxi]
first entry will be the ethernet card [network controller]
Subsequent entries will be the wi-fi if it shows a driver installed - good, but if it is followed by NA bad [card is not connecting]
so IF it's a laptop
first step check the inxi if it show the driver loaded, and NA , THEN check for a hard block [also known as flight mode] has it become enabled, if so disable
on any machine, use a live distribution that includes non-free & additional drivers [mint is good for this so this is for mint] whilst running live, click on LM bottom left open menu find additional drivers, click on and let it run, if any extra drivers are available it will tell you, and you can initiate them from here [most Debian/Ubuntu builds will have something similar]
Well GO FIGURE. Before I forget. Im running an Asrock B550 mobo w 32 gb ram cl16 @ 3600, Ryzen 7 5700X, Radeon RX 6600 GPU, 1 1tb inland m.2 gen4, 1 1tb (name I forget) gen4 m.2. Intel AX200 wifi card, Kernal 5.19.0 64bit Kubuntu. I spun up the "LIVE" thumb drive and clicked on "Try", clicked on the "wifi" icon and VOILA whole bunch of networks showing. Problem solved after really doing nothing. But I had this thread pulled up on me trusty permanent electrical appendage, ready to tackle and overcome! My fun was deflected, sadly. Its doing what I want now but thank you for your indepth input.

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