WiFi Adapter Issue


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This might be covered but I assume there are a lot of WiFi adapter models with various issues so I'll give the take of my problem here:

I started using Linux on my laptop and my desktop since last month on two different distros: Zorin OS and Linux Mint. WiFi card seems to work flawlessly on my laptop but on my PC, it wasn't recognizable and I had to download drivers (specifically rlt8812cu for my old adapter) to get it working even though it wasn't perfect.

Yesterday I made a switch to a new WiFi adapter and it works very well on my Windows 10 OS. However, as I made my switch to Linux, both distros (Zorin + Mint) seemed to recognize the adapter driver when plugged in but somehow corrupted the network-manager.service and I wasn't able to connect to the internet at all. I tried fresh installing and it seemed to work fine without issues... until I update the system afterwards.

Does anyone have any clue about this issue? I have reinstalled both distros fresh various times and it still didn't solve the issue.
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