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Widget xfce

Discussion in 'Desktop / X' started by archi, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. archi

    archi New Member

    Feb 2, 2018
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    How to make time widget on xfce4 like this picture?[​IMG]

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  2. JasKinasis

    JasKinasis Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2017
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    Both of those are conky themes.
    The first sceenshot is definitely the Gotham theme, or a variant of it. But I don't know what the second one is.

    Conky is a lightweight application for monitoring your system. It should be in the repositories of most, if not all distros. So you should be able to install it using whatever package management system your current distro uses (e.g. apt, yum, dnf, pacman, software-centre, synaptic etc etc).

    Once you have Conky installed, if you try running it, conky will display some system information using its default theme.

    The first time you run conky, it will also create a file called conky.conf at the following location:

    This file is the theme for conky. Making changes to this file will affect how conky looks.
    After making changes to conky.conf, you will need to restart conky to see your changes in action.

    Alternatively you can download a conky theme from online and copy it to your .config/conky/ directory, overwriting the config file that is already there. And again, restart conky to see the new theme in action.

    There are lots of themes available online for conky. Just do a web-search for conky themes and you'll find plenty to choose from.

    Manually installing themes is usually a simple process. But you should always take a look at the instructions that come with it.

    Many themes just contain conky.conf, which should be copied to your .config/conky/ directory.
    But some themes might have other ancilliary files (graphics or some-such) which may need to be copied to specific locations. Either way, always read and follow any instructions that are packaged with downloaded themes.

    There is also a conky-manager application available in some distros that can help you to preview and install new conky themes, start/stop conky etc. So if conky-manager is available in your distros repos - I recommend installing that too!

    Once you have conky set up and looking how you want - you will probably want to set conky to start automatically when you log in.

    This thread on askubuntu.com would be a good starting point for that:
    NOTE - Even if you aren't using Ubuntu, the instructions show you how to autostart conky in xfce - which is exactly what you are looking for!

    Hope this is of some help!
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