Why two diffretn answers for "architecture"?


Why two different answers for "architecture"?

I get "armhf" is architecture used for mobile devices from the web. I do not detect any wheels on my Raspberry Pi so why "mobile"?
Yes it has WiFi and bluetooth.
Perhaps "armhf" is more generic?
I know "armv7l" is also hardware description for the RPi processor.
I do not care as long as I can configure / build working package.
Just asking.

[email protected]:~ $ uname -m
[email protected]:~ $ sudo dpkg --print-architecture
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Looks as I stepped into another pile of excrement .
The web is full of similar errors / question likes this one.

" package architecture (armhf) does not match system (amd64)"

It sure looks as "package architecture" and "system (?) " can be different,
Funny thing - one can "add" (arbitrary ?) package architecture TO SYSTEM (database?)

They should then match !
No more speculations (fancy name for guessing) - I'll do some "what if" tests. Stand by.

BTW I did build my version of "bluez" using "armhf" architecture.
Have not tried to test it in C++ code.


Here is the "real scoop".

It looks as "an industry" could use different term when going from one version to another.
In this particular case "they" PORT software from version "Goofy" to version "Donald".
AND use same term PORT when the actual hardware changes.
In short - "armhf" ARMHardFloat (port) is hardware concept and the lowest real implementation / port is on "armv7l".

As used on RPi 3B.


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