why linux ?



Recently I checked out the new linux mint, and i have to say that i really like it. It is a good system. But... why should i use it ?
What advantages that mint or any other linux has over the windows 7 ?
Let's take the money and the whole opensource thing out of the picture, are there any other advantages ?
I have a good computer, it runs win 7 or 8 without a problem, and i dont have any problems with viruses. I'm not any kind of artist, or IT specialist or anything like that. I use my computer for reading, and movies.
Is there any reason of which i dont know, which would make me use linux ?



Why use Linux? Speed, security, customization, CHOICES, FREE. There are too many reasons to list.


I've just come to this form area for a similar ask and getting a link posted here .. i guess it would come to me as a help as i'm going to try it .. wish me luck.. thanks.

Will (BarnacleJackz) Iam

Because according to reports the NSA does not have an automatic backdoor to your Linux system as is does with all Windows OS's since Windows 95. It has been reported in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin that the NSA uses a special security key located in ADVAPI.DLL to give the NSA a backdoor access to all Windows based PC's.


According to this if that unproven backdoor exist in Windows then it is in Mac, Red Hat and Sun.

The rumor mills started ramping up after an NSA official told a Senate homeland security sub-committee that the NSA (National Security Agency) had contributed to the development of the Windows 7 OS security guide. The official also explained that they had worked with the other major OS providers, including Apple, RedHat, and Sun. The NSA contribution was to ensure that each OS was officially secure, but the conspiracy theorists see the NSA as a less than altruistic agency.


Better security, faster/more frequent updates, VERY pretty (better than Windows "aero" which gets boring quickly), and the customization amounts are INSANE!

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