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75 distros, huh? Ah, dearie me; you don't change, do ya Chris? :p

Well, at least I've moved into the present, mate. The old Compaq croaked its last at the beginning of the pandemic, so I finally treated myself to my first ever brand-new machine for decades. An HP Pavilion mid-tower, with a Pentium G5400; initially 4 GB DDR4.....now maxed at 32 GB; a 1TB primary Crucial MX500, still the 3 TB Seagate secondary HDD, plus a 2 TB external Toshiba (no more room in the case).

Yes, I could run anything I wanted. But I still stick with "our Pup".....I just have a kennels of at least a dozen Puppies, instead. (And they fly on this thing!) Does that make me multi-distro???


@rado84 :- I doubt it's got owt to do with either Mint OR Nvidia. I've found myself there's an increasing number of apps these days that disable 'flipping' without so much as a by-your-leave or even having the courtesy to let you know what they've done. And this is becoming "normal" behaviour.....

Mike. ;)
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G'day young fella, how are things in King's Lynn?

Does that make me multi-distro???

I think it does. Lol.

BTW 76 now, see bottom of #1 :)

I'll be shedding a few next April when the 18.04 series hits EOL, but I expect I will have little difficulty finding some more.


G'day young fella, how are things in King's Lynn?
@wizardfromoz :-

Oh, you know; so-so. At least we're surviving.....for the time being. Though with the way prices are heading into the stratosphere, I's beginnin' to wonder, yes indeedy....

Energy prices are going through the roof here. Analysts are pessimistically predicting that in a year's time, the average household will be looking at a 5-figure a year annual total. That's the equivalent of a second mortgage.....just to keep the lights on.

The UK's gov't & energy fat-cats sure know how to gouge the population... Boris looked good when he first became PM, but in the end, he displayed his true colours like every other Tory politician before him. Look after those already dripping cash from every pore, and f**k everyone else.

And we still keep getting taken in by 'em.


Time to head up the wooden hill, I think. Catch ya later.

Mike. :(
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I'm curious, do you keep them all on a single hard drive? :)

No, but I could.

G'day @purjoperse and welcome to linux.org :)

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop which has a 2TB SATA Seagate hard drive (/dev/sda) and also has a 256 GB M1 Solid State Drive (/dev/sdb). Hooked to a USB 3.0 port is a 4TB Western Digital external, powered, SATA drive (/dev/sdc).

There are 12 Distros on the SSD, about 36 on the internal HDD, and about 30 on the external Western Digital (WD).



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