Who wants to develop a Desktop with me?

So I discovered that “bred crumb navigation” is already a feature in MacOs, it just isn’t turned on by default ... Anyone still interested, or should I just skin an existing DE based on Gnome perhaps? Since as coming from MacOs I am used to the top menu bar “paradigm”. Question for you Linux users, is there a WYSIWYG Desktop “skin” editor that does not require coding skills?

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 11.08.22 AM.png

I am sorry, can you explain “flipping”?
The shortest explanation I could find was this though I don't quite understand it:
When OpenGL flipping is enabled, OpenGL can perform buffer swaps by changing which buffer is scanned out rather than copying the back buffer contents to the front buffer; this is generally a higher performance mechanism and allows tearless swapping during the vertical retrace (when __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK is set).

But while it may give some performance benefits, it also causes some problems with desktop composition but I'm not a programmer and I can't explain them. I just know that some games require desktop composition to be disabled. However, having the desktop depend heavily on flipping (if you disable flipping, shortly after different graphical problems start to appear, including screen tearing), it makes it impossible to disable desktop composition.

KDE doesn't depend on flipping and it doesn't matter whether it's ON or OFF. Though KDE has other problems for which I don't like it.

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