Who have loved and now Gparted


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Sep 9, 2019
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Just a quickie
Is the a Video on Gparted?
Yea or Nae

Lately, I've been using KDE Partition Manager, if you're interested in trying it. It's quite similar, but more visually appealing - I think. I think it's also slightly easier to navigate, perhaps a bit more intuitive. I've completely switched to it, where applicable. (It's unhelpfully named 'partitionmanager'.)

There's also gnome-disk-utility which is what I'd probably suggest to folks who are new to Linux or new to partitioning. You've been here for a long time, so you may not be interested.
Tennyson would be turning in his grave.

I am not at all sure he had Gparted in mind....
I've been using KDE Partition Manager,
OK! How do I get my hot little mitts on it?
Also is there any how to use documentation for it?
You've been here for a long time, so you may not be interested.
I 'm a curious little bugger and will give anything a burl to see how it goes. So see my previous set of questions to you. Danke
It's most likely in your default repositories. I'm pretty sure that it used to be called 'gnome-disks'. But, it's 'gnome-disk-utility' now.
I just noticed the other reply to me. As @Nelson Muntz said, you can get it that way. It may well be in your default repositories under 'partitionmanager'. It's probably in there and that's the ideal way to install it.
If you are running Ubuntu, then installing KDE Partition Manager will probably bring in some KDE dependencies. Other than that there should not be any problems.

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