While OpenShot is open, other apps can't use the codecs?


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I'm using Ubuntu Linux 19.10 (pop_os actually) and OpenShot 2.4.4 from appimage - also tried 2.5.0 release candidate. While I have OpenShot open, I'm not able to play audio/video from other applications.

For instance, YouTube videos or YouTube audio library (mp3s) . Once I close OpenShot, YouTube starts playing.

It's like it steals the codecs for itself?

Any ideas?


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Not sure offhand!
At home, I’m currently using the version of openshot in the Debian repo’s to edit a video for the band.

I can’t remember if I tried watching any other videos whilst editing the other day (I often stream videos via Netflix, or amazon whilst working at home).

I’ll take a look at some point this weekend and will see what I can find out!


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Beyond my paygrade, but subject to what you & Jas find, Rob ...

They have a presence at GitHub


and a fellow named DylanC who maintains the PPA seems quite helpful.


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