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Which web server do you use?

Discussion in 'Web Server' started by mrnothersan, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. KMyers

    KMyers Guest

    IIS of course

    Just kidding

    I personally run Apache on all of my web servers as I am more concerned about compatibility then I am with running it on a low resourced machine. I have done a lot of work with LiteSpeed when I was more active in the Web Hosting industry and would highly recomend it.

    Nginx with Varnish is also a great option if speed is important to you.
  2. Simon Juhl

    Simon Juhl Guest

    Yeah i use Apache too. Does the job :)
  3. IIS Webserver ... but it hard to configue so, better to go with apache :)
  4. Vaggelis

    Vaggelis Guest

    I use LAMP, so Apache is the BOF (Best OF the Best)

  5. debian_guy

    debian_guy Guest

    I use Apache because its easy to install and configure, and know that nginx for the pros.
  6. Marc Arribas

    Marc Arribas Guest

    I use apache because that was the first web server I used and the one I learned

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