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Which OS?



Hello people. I am generally new user to Linux OS's, I used Microsoft's systems up until 2 months. For now I installed Ubuntu 12.10 (quantal) and set it up for me. Everything is fine but I feel it's too alike to Windows. So to get to my question I would like some OS on which I could learn more about scripts, console and programming in general. I am currently thinking about Arch. I know I am a newbie but I like to explore new stuff, learn about everything I can in the process. So the question is, can I "handle" the Arch (or any other OS you recommend me)? I already read about installing it, it's not complicated (too much :D) so give me your thought's.

Thank you in advance.



If you want to jump in with both feet as a n00b, I would suggest a Slackware-based distro like Salix or Slackel. Neither is too difficult and the former's forum is very good. You will learn a lot!

Best wishes on your endeavor and welcome!


Hi. Thanks for the quick reply, I will try them out. This is the one of the points I forgot to mention why I switched to Linux. It has better community :D.

Thanks again and I will give my best to learn.


If you really want to get into things I suggest:
Fedora: Cutting-edge latest software, but can be unstable.

Arch: If you REALLY REALLY like Linux or are REALLY confident, then this is for you.

It's basically "Build your own distro" you start with nothing but a terminal. You have to install video drivers, sound, a DE, all the programs on your own, from scratch. But there are lots of tutorials!

So I do suggest Arch... but it is your choice.

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