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Which new release are you anticipating?

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by Sinister_Diagram, Apr 12, 2012.


Which New Release Are You Looking Forward To?

  1. Ubuntu 12

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  2. Linux Mint 13

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  3. Fedora 17

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  4. Other.. (tell us about it)

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  1. There are a few popular distributions that are going to be releasing new versions within the next month or so. I would like to hear thoughts on what everyone is looking forward to the most and why. I would have to say that I am looking forward to the release of Linux Mint 13 and Ubuntu 12. I have been a fan of both distributions for quite some time now. I can admit that my admiration for Ubuntu has lowered due to the changes involving Unity and Gnome 3. However, I am eager to see the changes that are going to be made to Unity in the release of Ubuntu 12.

    Linux Mint 12 is something that I am trying my best to patiently wait for. The biggest enhancement coming with this release, in my opinion, would be the implementation of the Cinnamon desktop. I am eager to see how this is going to work and hopefully I can make the change back to Mint with its release.

    Looking forward to hearing other's thoughts and opinions!:cool:

  2. Renzaku

    Renzaku Guest

    I'm really only looking forward to the Ubuntu 12 (LTS) release. Ubuntu is pretty much the only Linux operating system that I've used, and one that I have pretty much stuck with (sad to say, but I haven't tried any other Linux based operating systems). I'm pretty much only looking forward to the (HUD) hot key searching in the new version though.
  3. Smokey

    Smokey Guest

    Linux Mint 12 all the way. I ditched Ubuntu at 10.04.
  4. :p I do hear you on that one, Smokey. I am super excited about Mint 12. I have enjoyed Mint for a few years now and I am eager to see the changes that are coming along. Everything seems to be rather hush-hush regarding its development. However, I think that makes the official release even better. Are there any specific features that you have heard about that you are looking forward to the most regarding the Mint 12 release?
  5. psufootball

    psufootball Guest

    I'm looking forward to Mint as well, I am hearing a lot of rumors about new features and sexy new layouts.
  6. I have heard great things thus far. I do hope these changes are not drastic, such as with Unity/Gnome 3 and Ubuntu, as I do not want to see Mint go down hill. Mint has come a long way and seems to be more popular than Ubuntu in various aspects. Even if you look at the rankings on DistroWatch.com, Linux Mint stays at the top of the list and ranks continue to go up, with Ubuntu right behind though (with slightly falling rankings). I think this is going to be an interesting duel, so to speak, when both are fully released.
  7. Godric

    Godric Guest

    Linux mint and it's new release is what I will be waiting for although most of the times Ubuntu comes out first.
  8. Jack Sepie

    Jack Sepie Guest

    I'm waiting for the Mint, as always. It's the best Linux system shown to the public right now. I hope Mint continues to rise to the top of the ranks because in my opinion, it's the easiest to use.
  9. I definitely agree with you on this one, Jack. I found that Linux Mint was the easiest to use if you are coming from WIndows only experience. This is especially true for the interface and overall design of the desktop. When you are coming from Windows, the overall change in appearance can be one of the most shocking aspects! It's my honest opinion that Mint will continue to stay on top or as close to it as possible. It's a great desktop with great features for anyone - newbie to expert. Thanks for your thoughts!
  10. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    SliTaz. Because while very impressed with incredibly fast boot times, I was less than impressed with its selection of installable programs. If good enough, I could start using it in place of Puppy.
  11. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    I'm eager to see what Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin has in it's list of upgrades and what new features have they included.
    It doesn't look like it has some GUI changes, since it's 11th version brought in the new GUI which i didn't like much. The funny thing is as the versions increase the installation image of Ubuntu also increases as new packages are added, so this time Ubuntu might no longer fit into a CD... cause i think there's a 50 MB increase in size totaling up to 750 MB.

    I also heard that 64-bit will be made as the default and the music/video player will be changed back to Rhythmbox as Banshee had issues playing on ARM devices. I didn't like Banshee either. I still prefer VLC and KMplayer over others.
  12. I hate seeing size steadily increase for any distribution, but I have slowly accepted the fact that it is going to be required as upgrades come along. From what I have seen in recent articles, I am quite sure Banshee is going to be removed in the new release of Ubuntu - I have attempted to run it on various distributions and it just does not want to work properly. I would experience everything from not recognizing new music to freezing. So, it is definitely a reasonable decision to get rid of it. I am eager to see where Ubuntu 12 will go. I doubt I would install it as a main OS as it seems my specs are not good enough for it, though that's not what it says on their site, haha. I will definitely be burning a live cd to give it a try!
  13. hubertleon

    hubertleon Guest

    I am returning to Linux after a long absence; would appreciate your letting me know where/how I may get a copy of Ubuntu that is stable; I want to load it on my pc that is now running XP OS so that I may take a good look at it prior to getting the application that runs permanently on my pc.


  14. Hi there! If you are looking to download Ubuntu, go to the following link: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download

    You can choose between Ubuntu 11.10 - which is the latest and most stable version. Or you can choose between Ubuntu 10.04 - which is a long term support version. I would research the two to find out the major differences and compare them to decide which one you would prefer. Both are available as 32-bit or 64-bit downloads, as well.

    May I ask what are the basic specs of the computer you would like to put Ubuntu on? Such as your ram/cpu and processor speed. Ubuntu 11.10 requires slightly higher ram and processor speed when compared to version 10.04. Are you looking for Ubuntu only or would you consider other Ubuntu-based variations?
  15. kInOzAwA

    kInOzAwA Guest

    looking forward for Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. Right now running the beta2 check out the bugs around but seems stable as far as i'm concerned.
  16. scotty

    scotty Guest

    I hink I am probably more excited about Ubuntu. Although I primarily use Mint, I haven't seen many changes between the distros.
  17. Jason King

    Jason King Guest

    Ubuntu, I ran the Beta and just upgraded to the LTS. It works. I have been having a problem at the enterprise level getting it to authenticate via LDAP though.
  18. I must admit that I have been quite tempted to download the latest version of Ubuntu and give it a try. I have had some slight problems when it comes to performance, but from what I have seen regarding articles and reviews since the official release, it appears the system is running more smoothly - especially when it comes to the negative performance impact that was occurring before of Unity. I have seen many reports of Ubuntu 12 running smoothly on a system with a relatively average processor speed and 512-1GB ram.. However, this is not that impressive as I have seen those claims since Unity was first implemented and I just don't see how it could have run smoothly for that amount of ram. BUT, I just might give it a try over the weekend.. Wish me luck!

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