Which Linux runs best with Intel


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Dec 10, 2018
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I started off in Linux with Mint bounced around to a few distro before I landed with Solus Budgie which was 3.9999. I switched over to KDE Plasma for the DE and tried most of the distros that offer a KDE Plasma experience. I am using Kubuntu still on a couple machines that we run AMD on older hardware. I swapped out a desktop pc running AMD to a few year newer but still old by todays standards desktop pc which is the HP 600 G1.
The HP 600 G1 has the i5 4570 quad core processor / uses Intel HD Graphics 4600 onboard
I swapped the Samsung 4 gig of 1333 ram out for G Skill 16 gigs of DDR 3 1600
I loaded Kubuntu 20.04 on to a 250 Gig SSD instead of the old HDD it came with running Win 10, my issue is purely seat of the pants looks and seems to run slower then the desktop pc sff which was 6 years older and lower specs then the HP the older was a Lenovo SFF all AMD less and or smaller in ever specs that matters.
On the HP 600 it seems to load slower to desktop screen, loading a single page appears to take a tad longer, where I really notice the difference is streaming video or using Discord voice. the Lenovo did the videos and Discord without a hitch.
Both are hard wired same ether net cable to the router in the same way
I played the exact same Sound of Silence from the International Space 4K from Youtube
Lenovo plays zero buffer / HP have to let it start to play pause it and wait then play and it will still blip a couple times for buffering
Discord the sound from me is cler and the sound I have coming to me is clear on the Lenovo / the HP not so much - running the same steelseries head set.

I don't understand why it happens - - the Lenovo has an AMD quad core 3.2 gig onboard graphics Radeon with 8 gigs of DDDR 3 1600 <-- smaller processor off brand ram
and the newer by 4 years HP 600 Intel i5 quad core 3.6 gig onboard Intel graphics with 16 gigs of DDR 3 1600 <--- bigger processor better ram

I have to be messing something up some places or missing a setting or adjustment some place.

@Fishy -- hell, I'd put antiX on that old all-in-one HP and see what it does! It was only a fair performer since it was introduced. I thinkin performance, you'll be impressed with it. Try it on both, maybe. Then you'd have a baseline.

DEs make a big difference in performance. AntiX doesn't have one.