which linux kernel should i choose?

Hussain Ijaz Mirza

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May 21, 2024
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Assalam o alaikum
i am currently using window 7 64 bit on my Dell latitude D630 1.8ghz ,i like to try linux ,but as mention my device is old with 3gb ram ,i need your recommendations .should i try Deepin or mint ?
my daily requirements involves using microsoft office 2013 ,youtube , reading ,movies watch in Vlc .
I am food science student so dont have much idea about kernel

Dell latitude D630 1.8ghz
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Is this the early 2007 machine with the core 2 duo E4300 CPU? if yes then
with only 3gb of ram you will only be able to run medium and lightweight builds comfortably but do not expect it to fly, you may increase the ram to a max for that machine of 4gb which will just about allow any Linux to run, also by swapping out the plate spinner HDD for an ssd will make a marked improvement to its read/write speeds.
The current Kernel should be fine

I do not recommend, I will suggest you consider the following as they will all run on a min 2gb of ram.[there are others]

Mint LMDE [i run this on my 2010 cor 2 duo dell] [not Mint 21 Ubuntu based, this needs 4gb]
Linux Lite
Parrot home
MX linux

You are looking for a Linux distribution I think. The kernel is the thing that communicates between hardware and software, as in when you download a file, the kernel tells your disk to write it.

I think its less about which distro, more about which window manager. Thats the graphical system that "manages your windows". Some of them have fancy effects and others are more "lightweight".

I'd recommend xubuntu: https://xubuntu.org/ Its basically plain ubuntu with the https://xfce.org/ window manager, which should run nicely on your laptop.
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Hello @Hussain Ijaz Mirza,
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With those specs you should may be try debian XFCE or MX-23, antiX should work. Avoid heavy Desktops like cinnamon, gnome Etc. good luck
Alaikum as-salam
I would like to throw fedora into that mix using lxde or xfce.
I would also suggest that no matter what you choose, get rid of the microsoft office as it is out of date. Many de come with Libre office. Or you can easily install it from the software repo of whatever you choose. It reads and writes all microsoft files without the expense, meaning it is free. If you are going to break from windows and microsoft do it right.

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