Which Linux do you use?

Kubuntu. Essentially, it's Ubuntu with a better presentation layer.

Been using it for about 14 years. I've tried others, but Kubuntu is it.

Springdale. Custom built Red Hat without the agro. Born before CentOS, excellent pedigree (Princeton University) and by using the net installer for 7.9, I can have a KDE4 desktop with everything lost when it 'upgraded' to Plasma 5. Plus it works every time I switch it on and doesn't break with updates.
Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 20.04

Lubuntu 20.04 LXQT
LXLE 18.04.5

antiX 19.3
I use Windows XP.
... for target practice.;)
... for target practice.;)

In all seriousness I don't use Linux but I use GNU/Linux, the distributions Arch and Springdale.
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Mostly Lubuntu, but I've got LMDE on bare metal as well. I've got a Fedora laptop that I just built out the other day. I've still got CentOS running servers and that needs to be dealt with. I also have VMs of tons of distros.

So, it's not a simple checkbox answer. It's a checkbox and a comment answer.