Which Linux do you use?

Which Linux do you use?

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G'day and Welcome to new Members @Buiu , @m0takabbir and @nat161 :)

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke, sets fire to the carpet, stamps it out, looks around to see if the wife saw, phew, no)

I voted Other/comment

Why? Because i use 90 of the suckers (Linux Distros)

You can read about them at


#1 page 1, and #21 page 2

Now bear in mind that is probably only 50 to 60 discrete Linux, with version and desktop variations.

I am currently writing this from a Knoppix USB stick with Persistence built in and find it interesting. I may install it s well.

Because the OP (original poster, that is you, @Buiu ) said "...do you use" in his Title, that is my answer.

If I were polled on what I prefer, what are my Faves, I would still have 10 to 20 listed, from the 5 Families.

(5+ , with independent/other)

New Members can get a better understanding on what is available in "The Wonderful World of Linux" by reading this at Wikipedia


and exploring DistroWatch.com , who also have a Page Hit Ranking here


Both these sources can seem overwhelming in the choices available, but GNU/Linux is all about choices as opposed to having none at all :)


Saturday here in Oz so enjoy your Linux(es) and


No problem, mate. I just told her what you did


Debian Stable :)


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Manjaro, right now, but I have used many, Slack, RedHat (and Fedora when RedHat no longer was free), Ubuntu, Mint, Mandriva, but for now I seem to be stuck on Manjaro.
Debian stable on my two servers.
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I use Fedora, Ubuntu, and Manjaro. I like to be close to the bleeding edge. Mate desktop on all three. With dev versions (Fedora, Ubuntu), come the more than occasional breakages, but I keep at least one fully working at all times.

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