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I try to find distro for me. I am a linux user for +- six years. Currently I using Ubuntu 13.04 but the problem is in my hw (I have old PC so i use some ram boost programs and my gui is GNOME 2/FALLBACK).

My HW is:
Intel Pentium 4 - 3Ghz
AMD/ATI radeon x1650

90% of my time i use computer for programing and web browsing, but 10% is gaming. So now i try to find distro where i can install proprietary driver for my legacy video card. GUI isn't important for me....often I work in text gui only.

Any tips?




Do you want to stick to Gnome, or would you change? Have you tried the lighter versions of Ubuntu e.g. Xubuntu or Lubuntu. You can remove Ubuntu Gnome without reinstalling, or you can keep it, but it leads to a bit of a mixture on the Menu. Look at http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/ the bit on the left "Playing Around"


English isn't my native language so it's probably my mistake. Gnome 2, even Gnome 3 is really great, but it isn't important for me. The biggist problem on Ubuntu 13.04 is my graphic card. I have possibility to downgrade to ubuntu 8.10, where i can install proprietary driver.
But i try to find distro which is better (faster/more user friendly) then this old ubuntu version. Of course i try Unity (i think really bad), KDE, XFCE (i think lubuntu isn't very good in terms of stability)...gui isn't important for me (faster is better...GNOME 2 is my favourite).
I start thinking about windows XP so its start to be really bad ;). So i try to find new distro for me...
Anyway thank you arochester.


I have no evidence that Lubuntu is any more unstable.

When you look at "Ubuntu Gnome" it says that most of Gnome 3.8 is included :(

"Linux Mint" has Mate (A Gnome 2 fork ) and Cinnamon versions.

Debian Squeeze still uses Gnome 2.3. There is a Youtube video
"Why I switched to Debian with Gnome 2 vs Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity "


Yes but on these systems i can't run the newest versions.
For example (version which i can run):
debian 5 lenny
linux mint 8
ubuntu (and others buntu) 8.10

So gui isn't important....i need good distro with support xorg 7.4 ...and i am not really sure that these popular distro is a right choise.


I think you are stuck with older versions of Linux or Windows XP. I think Xubuntu 12.04 LTS might work.

Your PC is not the problem.

ATI radeon x1650 just is not being supported anymore. I will only run on generic drivers even in Windows 7 or 8.

Where are all the nVidia is the Devil, Linux users now?

Your best/easiest option is another Graphics Card.


Can't you install AMD video card driver on Ubuntu? I don't think it is OS's fault.


SLW is correct, unfortunately. It has nothing to do with the OS itself (the drivers aren't available on Windows either).
You can try the Catalyst 9.3 display driver:
http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownlo...px?type=2.4.1&product=, but it may have issues with newer kernels. If that doesn't work your only real option is the default open-source radeon driver, which will still work for 90% of your work, but depending on the games your running it could be less than ideal.
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