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Hi Forum !

I decided to go from Windows to Linux. I heard a lot of great stuff about security, less resources used, faster, more stable than Windows.
I need your help in deciding on what Linux Distribution am I to aim for. I will use my Linux OS to program mostly in C++, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and a little bit of Java. I know that there is WINE program to help out with compatibility if I want to run Windows Programs. But as I have read, WINE doesn't guarantee me that the Windows programs will run without errors. I want to know what kind of Linux Distribution should I get in order to program with these languages smoothly ? Any advice would be appreciated.

From experience, I've had great success with Linux Mint 17. Stable, customizable, great repository. Ubuntu is a good one as well. But I like the cinnamon desktop in Mint. My suggestion would be to run dual boot with a windows partition. Just throwing in my 2 cents.

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