Which lightweight distro supprts connection with Android phone?


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Jan 31, 2023
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Hello folks!
I'm looking for a Linux distro which is fast on a 1.60GHz Celeron, supports the touchpad on my Laptop and lets me transfer files between Android phone and the PC via USB. For example: What about Slax or should I just go with Linux Mint Xfce? I just want to brows the web, manage my files and watch DVDs with the system.

Any Linux distribution should be able to allow you to transfer files between your Android phone and your pc as well as the other things you want to do. You just need one that will support your low spec cpu, how much ram is in your system and what graphics do you have?
You should be able to do that in any Linux distribution. It’s just not usually installed out of the box in most Linux distros.

Usually you just have to install libmtp, the library for adding mtp (media transfer protocol) support to Linux.
Then you should be able to connect your Android device, open it in a pane in your file manager and then drag and drop files to/from it.
Thanks for your opinions. As I read how sb. had problems with connecting his phone and in another case had to install an app on the phone first, I was unsure. About my system: It's 64bit 1.60GHz Celeron with 4GB RAM and Intel graphics. Currently I have Windows 10 on it and it's pretty slow.
There's another thing: I use two different Keyboard layouts and just read older posts, where people got problems setting up a shortcut for switching. So, is a shortcut a common thing in the distros today?
MX... middleweight as I read. I don't know why not to use the lightest distro I can get.

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