Which is the best Linux For me?


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Hey, I've been using Windows since Windows XP was launched, Even today I use windows 10 but somehow I feel bored, I feel less productive and slow on Windows.... I prefer My PC to be fast, My friend has been using Linux for long and she says she finds it better than windows and I thought to give it a try but she told me not all Linux support installation of windows games and mentioned something called Wine layering which obviously went like a bouncer ball..... Currently I'm having a Dell Inspiron 5000 series with I3 processor of 7th Gen and Intel HD 620... I just don't know which one is the best for me. Please help...
Thanks for taking out time and reading my problem....


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......and Welcome to Linux.org !!

When you have finished wading through the links above......just keep a couple of things in mind.....

Choose something simple. If you dont like it when oyu try it, you can simply install straight over the top of it and continue on with another distro. Time to do that....maybe 15 minutes ..

if you choose Linux Mint......it has 3 different desktops environments.....Cinnamon....Mate....& XFCE

The quickest of those is xfce.......the most mature one is Cinnamon....Mate is inbetween those two

To install one over the other....around 15 minutes. No drama because they are FREE


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Hello and welcome Akshit. I used Windows since it was 3.1, way back in 1993. I started growing bored with it during the XP days when I was introduced to Linux by my manager who was a Linux admin. Linux will be much faster on your computer than Windows and won't require you to upgrade hardware anywhere near as often. For making the switch, I would suggest dual booting. This will involve you either installing it to part of the hard drive along side Windows or installing it onto a USB pen drive. I would suggest installing to a pen drive until you''ve decided which distro you want to go to. Unlike Windows, Linux distros don't charge you so you can donwload and try out as many distros as you feel like. Also unlike Windows, Linux doesn't restrict you to just one desktop. So you could install Ubuntu and then install multiple desktops so all you have to do is one OS install then choose which desktop to try at login time. There are many desktops each with their pros and cons. Here's a post that I started for taking a poll of everyone's favorite desktop. Check it out and maybe start with the ones that have more people that like it.

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