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Which firewall do you use?

Discussion in 'Server Security' started by mrnothersan, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. mrnothersan

    mrnothersan Guest

    Which firewall do you use?
    Personally, I use ConfigServer Firewall as it has a good range of options and is easy to manage

  2. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Yep - we're getting back into configserver (csf/lfd) also. I've been testing it after upgrading xenserver to 6.0 .. it used to freeze up our centos VMs with xenserver 5.5 though for some reason. All is looking good now though! (actually, this box is running csf/lfd)...
  3. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    Been using CSF for a while now, haven't tried out any other Third-Party firewalls. I found it was easy to configure and it is pretty standard at detecting unwanted large processes thanks to LFD.
  4. I usually generally use the built-in Windows firewall software that came with my laptop. It seems to be working pretty well, for it is also linked to the McAfee Virus Protection I have installed as well. I'm pretty satisfied with this security.
  5. I also use the config firewall. I might be upgrading soon, but currently, just sticking with this one.
  6. dale

    dale Guest

    CSF and loving it!
  7. I also use CSF. I have found it to be very reliable and easy to use. I love it and would highly recommend it!
  8. agoodwriter

    agoodwriter Guest


    I'm also using ConfigServer Firewall, because it's best for linux. I'm also having newest Xubuntu on my computer, would it be better to install "Ubuntu"?
  9. ehansen

    ehansen Guest

    I just use straight up iptables. The rules are easy enough to configure. But I've had good success with CSR/LFD as well.
  10. linbgs

    linbgs Guest


    Hey anyone remember when Zone Alarm? LOL I pity the person still using this program...but back in the day it was pretty cool. I just got tired of all of those instant alerts.
  11. miks

    miks Guest

    I use CSF, it is fully integrated with cPanel and you can make the required changes through your WebHost manager. With CSF you will have LFD module which will monitor all connections and processes on the server. On a server with CSF you can also limit memory, number of processes and the max time they will run for all accounts.
  12. kInOzAwA

    kInOzAwA Guest

    i'm using CSF and have install to webmin panel too. it was easy to configure and perform good. :)
  13. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    I found that CPanel and maybe webmin provided an interface for CSF, which could be used to easily configure the settings. But for me i had to manually setup through terminal and edit the .conf file... which is a bit time consuming but not hard.
  14. berks

    berks Guest

    Webmin does provide an interface for CSF, i am currently happily using both :) .
  15. Akendo

    Akendo Guest

    Gosh, i just use iptables.
  16. Alex Moen

    Alex Moen Guest

    Cisco ASA. I prefer a hardware solution to a software fw.
  17. Try DefenderMX

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