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Which company's Laptop is good?

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by kimipatel, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. kimipatel

    kimipatel Guest


    I want to buy a Laptop for my office work. I have budget around 500$. can any one tell me If i buy Dell company laptop. Is it worth to me? or some one else?


  2. jubbly

    jubbly Guest

    I find hp/compaq laptops are usually very good and robustly made too. I have a compaq presario.

    I haven't owned a dell laptop so I can't really comment on that but I hear their customer service isn't too good.
  3. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    look here, for one.
    May also want to look at Asus Zenbook.
  4. jubbly

    jubbly Guest

    My wife has an asus xd series laptop from about 3 years ago. It is very poor compared to other laptops of the same sort of specs, I find.

    But this is a very difficult subject because there are so many different brands, models and people's perceptions are often difficult.

    If you are going for trusted brand then perhaps look at Sony. But is that in your price range OP?
  5. hikmatic

    hikmatic Guest

    hp laptop

    I personally love the hp 6730b. Very solid business laptop
  6. kimipatel

    kimipatel Guest

    Finally i took Dell laptop. Just two days before. It's a nice one. I like his color too much. Thanks For advice me. Thanks to all....
  7. arochester

    arochester Guest

  8. Peytonsmith

    Peytonsmith Guest

    then why not consider the HP Pavili9on series for its efficient configuration and solid performance..
  9. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    HP dv6t-7000 Entertainment. With 9 cell battery. Long battery life. Has run Arch, Fedora, and Diamond II-B smoothly (13.04).
  10. roly

    roly Guest

    i have one..

    zenbook is out of TS's $500 budget..
  11. Kaimanasmith

    Kaimanasmith Guest

    Dell is just the best in terms of service and durability..i personally use a Sony but i'd definitely recommend a Dell..go for any model suiting to your requirements and i promise you won't regret buying it..
  12. kirsteen

    kirsteen Guest

    Ahan .. me is using HP i5 probook 4540s. This machine really rocks and don't make you annoyed with held and heatup issue while working on it hours and hours..
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  13. I use HP and I'm very satisfied.
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  14. allencently

    allencently Guest

    I don't think 500$ for Dell is a good idea. For this budget, you'd better choose Asus, Lenovo thinkpad...
  15. Linux supports Dell and Compaq devices much better than Asus devices.
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  16. lobo

    lobo Guest

    In what way?
  17. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    Drivers, public Linux support, etc. HP supports the Linux foundation for a start.

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