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Hello all

I've recently started using the Linux server, busy teaching myself samba share, getting the hang of groups and permissions.

My question is for the best practice where would you recommend creating the share's ? for example under /NetworkFolders or under a user home directory?

thank you in advance


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last time i used samba it was a basic intranet with my slackware linux using dnsmasq so that slackware pc generated ip address for computers on network
and window pc's on a "switch". it was a basic setup for 3rd world school.

below is all very crude but might help

On my PC my user name was andrew. So my home directory would be /home/andrew
what I did is
#mkdir /home/data
//don't ask me why i choose daft names !

then i created a group "office"

then i set up who could access /data

# chmod -R 755 /home/data

# chown -R andrew : office /home/data
my samba smb,conf was:


workgroup =MIDEARTH
wins support= yes

read only = no
force user = andrew
force group = office
guest ok =yes

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