Where to change DBus naming "security"?


The enclosed error tells me to change dbus "configuration" file.
There are few problems with such laconic error.

#1 There are no such things as single "configuration " files.
#2 What I assume is main x.config ( NOT configuration - just conf ) has been deleted and replaced by others in THREE different folders.
#3 The instruction in ONE of them - "session.conf" tells specifically NOT to modify this file. That is fine , I generally can follow instruction how to supplement this file BUT

#4 Is this "sessions.conf" the correct file to supplement ?
#5 Where / HOW EXACTLY do I change this "security " - using "sessions.conf" as template to be able to name my own dbus ?

Are "<" symbols in "session.conf" comments or for real? I have not seen text file as this one before.

conn = 0xadff00
register our name on the bus, and check for errors
err.message = Connection ":1.77" is not allowed to own the service "TESTtest.signal.source" due to security policies in the configuration file
Failed dbus_bus_request_name: : Resource temporarily unavailable

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