Where is the file I just transferred via Bluetooth???

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May 8, 2021
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I sent a video file to my PC from my phone.
It transferred successfully. My PC disconnected from the phone.
I opened it and watched it in Celluloid. The video quality is awful. Thinking it might be better with a different media player, I closed Celluloid and downloaded VLC media player.

Now I can't find the mp3 I just watched. It's not on the desktop or any folder on the desktop. It's not in any folder in Documents, music, videos, downloads, "recent" or trash. Even though I didn't delete it, it's not in Notifications, that the transfer was successful.

With the Giant, I could search for the file name to find it. I'm sure that can be done in Linux, but I don't know how.

How do I find this file? It took a LONG time to transfer and I don't want to do it again.

Now to the Hardware forum for another question.

Usually it's in your home directory, often under Downloads.

You can do a find...

find / -name myfile.mp3
if you watched it in celluloid....open celluloid again and click on file/media.....it may have a choice there named recent media?......with a bit of luck the name of your video file will be there and it should tell you its location ?

I am not familiar with celluloid...I use vlc, so I am assuming there will be something similar
...it may have a choice there named recent media?
Nope, not there either.
The video finally backed up to my Google Photos account before I could find it. I downloaded that one and used it for my question about lag times on my PC

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