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What's your wallpaper?

Discussion in 'Desktop / X' started by lucasbytegenius, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Just wondering what everybody's wallpaper is on their Linux desktop. Post the wallpaper download link and the image preview and let's get this thread going! :cool:

    Here's mine:

    It's actually from an older version of OpenSUSE, but I liked it so much I kept it ;)

    What's yours?


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  2. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    I use a basic wallpaper and i'm kind of into keeping stuff on my desktop simple, i'm running Windows 7 and it's the default wallpaper i'm on.

    You can know how simple it is, view it here : http://i.imgur.com/UECy2.jpg
  3. View attachment 137

    There is just no way that I could resist this. I mean come on...

    Ok, time for a little honesty...

    View attachment 138

    My desktop wallpaper is constantly changing, as I never seem to be satisfied. I have several that I use as templates for automation tasks so that I can line up windows just right for dogtail, etc..

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  4. flotwig

    flotwig Guest

    I stole this image from Flickr. It's kind of pretty I guess. I don't see my desktop that often, though. View attachment 140

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  5. grim76

    grim76 Guest

    Here is what I am using at work for my background on my Fedora machine:

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  6. Is that Deadmau5? :D

    Haven't listened to any of his music but he looks cool.
  7. I don't own a Linux at the moment, but I usually stick with the default wallpapers that are included with the laptop I received. It looks really nice and fits neatly. I don't plan on investing on wallpapers anytime soon, though, even with a Linux in hand.
  8. grim76

    grim76 Guest

    Yes that is who that is. Music is awesome. I listen quite a bit while I am working.
  9. You should install "a Linux" and learn how to use it. It's awesome :)

    Also, it would be nice if you stopped calling it "a Linux". Some people may laugh at you :p
    I like dubstep sometimes, but definitely not while working. Really distracts me. I usually play it during games for that epic moment.
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  10. Remp

    Remp Guest

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  11. Pandorical

    Pandorical Guest

    View attachment 146
    I'm using this. I basically just searched for 'Linux wallpaper' on Google and found a decent one within the first couple of pages. As you can probably see, I hate Windows (and Vista in particular).

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  12. My wallpaper is of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World. I am too lazy to post it, but if you google image search it it is the one with the purple/pink castle with lights on it and a black background. It is really pretty! I have always wanted to live in that castle haha. One day I will! You have to believe ;)
  13. View attachment 148

    Though this is a Bodhi Linux wallpaper, I find myself using it on both my Xubuntu system and my Windows 7 system. I get the slightest giggle whenever I see it. I think it's a great concept and I love the overall artwork of it. It is relatively simple, but I love it.

    I must admit that I change my wallpaper quite often, on both computers, so I may be posting here more often. Definitely liking the other wallpapers that I have seen thus far.

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  14. Godric

    Godric Guest

    I am still thinking of the pros and cons of getting a linux but if ever I do get one, I will definitely use a default blue screen. Help keeps the memory consumption down.
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  15. linbgs

    linbgs Guest

    My wallpaper is the regular default image that came with the computer. I am looking to change that eventually perhaps to something more festive or artsy. Most of the art @ Sweet Station has had me in a real artistic kind of mood. I have been pouring over the archives for weeks now.
  16. I am a huge fan of http://www.deviantart.com and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a large collection of wallpapers. Some are rather out there or not particularly my style, but I have so many stored in a folder that I use for both my desktop and laptop. You can get everything from artsy to anime to simplistic - there are even "packs" that you can download with a variety in one zip file.

    Here's my current desktop setup/wallpaper.
    View attachment 150

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  17. psufootball

    psufootball Guest

    I use this one, found it off of Google images. Used to have a 24 Jack Bauer one before this haha. :)
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  18. Snrm

    Snrm Guest

    My wallpaper is a big red crimson omen from the Gears of War series. It basically looks like a heart-beating but instead of a heart being there it is the crimson omen logo. I tried to post the wallpaper as a URL but it says the image is too large :(. I can't seem to find another one that is not 1920x1080! Though you probably get the overall idea of it.
  19. jschuhr

    jschuhr Guest

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  20. Really nice :) I like it so much I saved it to my computer.
    Resize it and then post it?

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