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whats the best Ubuntu version in your opinion

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by thelowbudget, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. I like all of them to be honest, except Xubuntu, because I had some problems with it. But that was back in version 9.10 and they've probably fixed those weird toolbar issues by now :p

    But anyway, I like Ubuntu, it's really good for starting out, and Kubuntu has the eyecandy which is awesome ;)

  2. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    According to my personal opinion, I prefer using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS because i felt it had lesser troubles with different Hardware and was much flawless.

    I didn't like much of the recent interface changes since Ubuntu 11, so i prefer to stay back.
  3. Anon-sama

    Anon-sama Guest

    Xubuntu is best Ubuntu. But if you were talking about the main series of Ubuntu, 10.x is the best.
  4. What makes Xubuntu the best Ubuntu distribution?
  5. I take it you're one of those people who didn't like the new UI? :p
  6. I would say that the best version probably should be the latest version. Usually, when a product is updated, it improves either a little bit, or majorly. Whatever the latest version is, that's the best.
  7. I agree with this post, though some people seem to prefer the older UI in the Ubuntu case. I still go with the latest and greatest though, I'm very flexible :)
  8. icebirdro

    icebirdro Guest

    In my honest opinion, all the versions before Unity and gnome3 are better than those after. I just hate all the new fancy design they're trying to implement, for me... all it has to do is "be simple and work".
  9. dale

    dale Guest

    I have trouble getting various input methods working on Ubuntu out of the box. It assumes that by changing input method, I must also want my environment changed; and by removing an input method, I must also want to remove that environment -- which are good assumptions, really, just not for me. Unfortunately I need to switch between several input methods on daily basis.

    I just switched to Xubuntu. Will give it a couple of days to see how I like Xfce. (By the way, does anyone know why Xubuntu installation comes with two sessions, Xubuntu and Xfce? What's the difference? I thought the "X" in Xubuntu means Xfce already?) I will also give Kubuntu a try because I heard it is most easily configurable as is. :)
  10. agoodwriter

    agoodwriter Guest

    I'll prefer that Xubuntu 10.14 has been best version what have been released :)
  11. I must say that Xubuntu 11.10 is one of my favorite Ubuntu derivatives, at the moment. I am using it on a desktop computer with 2GB of ram and 2.7ghz processor. I know that my computer specs are not "top notch", but the speed I get with Xubuntu is amazing. While running a few tabs in Google Chrome along with Thunderbird, I do not touch 50% of my ram. Plus, usability is great. Even when I first began using this derivative, I never struggled with where to find this or how to use that, it was all relatively simple.

    I love the look of Xubuntu as well and the customization options that are available (though this can be said for most Linux systems). If I throw in some Screenlets and a customized dock, it can be quite lovely!
  12. ehansen

    ehansen Guest

    I have to agree that 10.1 was better than 11.04. Unity was a testing baby at that time and didn't fair too well. However, it was improved in 11.1 and 12.04 looks to be bringing a lot of big changes with it as well.
  13. I am hoping to see some major improvements for Unity with the release of Ubuntu 12.04. These improvements should lie within performance and how it will effect a user's computer. I was not impressed to see Ubuntu 11.10 using roughly 30-40% of my ram when the computer was idle. I would expect this if I had done major tweaks and program installations, as these programs may run in the background, but I created a new installation disc and experienced this problem after a fresh install. Hence, my choice to move away from any 11+ version of Ubuntu. I am eager to see where Unity will take Linux users and I do hope that it strives to push forward to create more positive experiences.
  14. ehansen

    ehansen Guest

    Short reply but OMG Ubuntu (omgubuntu.co.uk I believe) has a video detailing some of the changes that 12.04's Unity release will bring, including some hinting towards greater performance across the board. Definitely worth the watch (short video) as it also introduces some pretty splendid UI improvements.
  15. To me the most stable version of Ubuntu I'v ever used and loved/appreciated it Lucid Lynx. The system can go for days without even a freeze. I love it
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  16. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is the best one.
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  17. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    IMHO, the best 'buntu(s) is/are the highest performing distro(s), Canonical or non-Canonical, based on the latest LTS. Currently (or ahorita, as they say in Spanish), it/they include LXLE, Linux Lite and SalentOS. This will change - sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly!
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