What's the best Stout you've ever tasted?


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Mar 5, 2022
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@KGIII got me thinking about beers and ales in a recent post.

"He who drinks beer thinks beer," I've been told.

It must be true, because even though I do not drink anymore, I can still taste it on occassions becoming less frequent as time passes.

But, for me when I was drinking, it was ABC Stout out of Singapore. I liked it better than that famous Irish brew, myself.

What's your opinion on the best stout the world has to offer?
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I don't like Stout... ;-) But I'm not a beer-drinker, I like (red) wine better ! :)
Cheers, Eddy
The best stout I've ever had, is one My brother and I "tweaked."

Spread it on Toast Stout.

It's a recipe that my brother found on a brew board back in the early '90's. We brewed a few more than a few batches over the next 7 or 8 years. Stouts (my favorite), wheat, amber ale, ipa, etc. Tweaking them as we went. I'd let mine Stouts sit in the Carboy for 6 months or more. He once asked me, how can you let them sit so long?!? I said, they're off in a corner of the basement at a nice steady temperature... I forget about them. :D

I live in Michigan, he in Illinois, so taste testing the others brew was difficult at best. His job took him over the majority of the eastern half of the US. He'd stop by when he was anywhere near me, he always brought samples with him. After taste testing each others brew, we'd play F-117A Stealth Fighter, each flying a full three hour mission. Some long and wonderful nights.

Sorry for the rambling post. It just brought back some very fond memories of time shared with family.
I'll stick to mass-market products, as I have some fairly local microbrews that are excellent.

So, my favorite would be Murphy's Irish Stout.
it was good when it was full strength [I dont know if its still brewed in the UK, but the abv dropped from 4.9 to around 2,3 , i believe it is still brewed under licence at full strength on one of the Pacific islands , but the UK has so many microbreweries now you never know if you will find a stout on their list,
For commercial stouts, Lion Stout out of Sri Lanka has been a long time favorite. I tend to save a bottle from each beer that really impresses me. While looking around in the basement, I came across an unopened bottle of Goose Island, bourbon county brand stout, Circa 2020. My eldest son's 40th birthday is coming up the week. We'll have to see how it rates. :)
Black, bitter and heavy with good balance and around 5% was what I went for.
The last time I had stout was over 30 years ago. It was in a "black and tan", made from Guiness Stout and Harp Ale, poured carefully in separate layers.

My partner takes more than a few minutes to get ready before we can go out. It is part of who she is. One sunny Fall afternoon I showed up without notice at her parents' house. She was not expecting me. She was barefoot and wearing casual clothes. Her hair was mussed and tousled. In other words ... gorgeous. I picked her up just like that and carried her out. Her father smiled and did not lift a finger to "save" her. She kicked and protested all the way to the car. I dumped her gently but unceremoniously in the passenger seat and drove her to the Rose and Crown. She complained that they would not allow her in the establishment dressed as she was. I picked her up in my arms and carried her through the front door. I winked at the bartender. The bartender "refused to get involved", naturally.

We drank black-and-tans. We shot darts despite the fact that one of us was barefoot and we did not know the rules. We had a wonderful, unforgettable time together. Sadly, the Rose and Crown is long gone, but the memory of that warm, sunny afternoon lives on. We are still partners in everything we do, barefoot and otherwise.
Coopers Extra Stout from Australia.
Also delicious (and still sticking with 'mass market' beers, beers you can hopefully find in a shop in the US), there's also World Wide Stout by Dogfish.

There's also Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout, which will be harder for some of you to get but, crazily, I'm about 50 miles from an absolutely brilliant beer store - specifically Ron's Market in Farmington, Maine.

They have an extensive beer, wine, and spirits collection that's somehow packed into a fairly small space. It's an amazing store considering the location. It's a small town - but it's a college town. Well, it's a small college. This is Maine, after all...

Also, they'll be flooded in Farmington - but Ron's market isn't down by the river. As it stands, I'm down to one route out of town. Everything else is collapsed and/or flooded. It's kinda awesome! There are 4 routes out of the area and only one is any good right now, and it's collapsing in some areas.

I ain't scared! I ain't never scared! (Oddly, I never use the word "ain't" when speaking.)
I've already posted one of my favorites, but there's one more stout that I have to add. My brother and I used to brew our own beer back in the '90s - early 'oughts. One in particular was called "Spread it on toast stout." We got the recipe from a forum somewhere on the net. It sat in the Carboy for over three months before being bottled. It was pretty thick and very smooth. Just writing about it makes me want to start brewing again. That won't be too hard, one of my brothers-in-law brews. He brews in much larger batches than I did, so this should be a good learning experience.
This is not stout and it doesn't taste good but it does the job if you mix it but beware it makes you walk and talk backwards.
it makes you walk and talk backwards.

Ah, yes... The 90% ABV (180 proof, I suppose) alcohols...

I am way too old for those.

When I was younger, we used to use "Everclear" (or anything else equally strong) to make a Purple Gorilla.

Basically, you get 12 gallons of Everclear, three large trash barrels (new), all the Hi-C you can carry, and a bunch of fruit.

You can see where I'm going...

Divide all that up into the trash cans and then put the covers on them and let them sit overnight.

The following day, you go buy a bunch of ice cubes in bags and either add that to the mix or let people add the ice to their drinks.

You charge $5 for a cup, if you want to make some money at it. They can reuse the cup, 'cause we didn't much care about germs - and I'm not sure too many germs would live in that environment.

You just dip your cup in and be on your merry way.

Not too many people could make it through more than a few cups before they were either sleeping or vomiting - or doing both.

We called it Purple Gorilla because the following morning it felt like a purple gorilla had pooped in your mouth.
I must say, I don't drink beer, and I believe it has something to do with an experience I had as a child. I'm not sure of my exact age, but I was old enough to walk and run around, so perhaps around 5 years old or close to that. This was in the early '90s, and the rules and upbringing for children were different back then. I used to love the taste of beer as a kid, and I would even steal a sip when my dad's friends visited and grabbed a cold one. However, one day, my dad put something much stronger into a beer bottle, and when I drank it, I immediately spat it out. Ever since that day, I haven't touched a beer, or at least that's what I've been told.
Nowadays, I really love rum, especially dark and sweet rum. If anyone wants to win my heart, just give me a bottle of good rum, and I might just agree to marry you!
I really love rum, especially dark and sweet rum.

I'm a wine and rum guy. Obviously not at the same time... Like the whiskey aficionados, I have a large variety of rums to pick from.
I'm a wine and rum guy. Obviously not at the same time... Like the whiskey aficionados, I have a large variety of rums to pick from.
I can't handle whiskey for a couple of reasons. First, I think its taste resembles licorice when mixed with cola, which I don't find appealing. Second, it gives me a terrible hangover. It's usually difficult for me to experience hangovers, but I know for sure that wine, beer, and whiskey can cause them.

I have a large variety of rums to pick from.
Wonna marry me :-b