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What's The Best Cross Platform GUI Library In C++.....? :3

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by blackneos940, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. blackneos940

    blackneos940 Guest

    I ask because I tried wxWidgets, which is NICE, but.... I'm unable to run a simple GUI App in my Linux VMs..... :< Do I need to have wxWidgets installed in each VM.....? 'Cuz I've got like 11 or somethin'....... :< Is there any Library that doesn't need to be installed on the target Platform.....? :< Thanks for your help, guys..... :3

    P.S., what was that thing I got about "new management"......? Is it the PHB.....? Is it ryanvade.....? Is it Atanere....? Is it Saint Dogbert.....? :3 Also, am I being downsized......? :<

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  2. Mitt Green

    Mitt Green Guest

    Why C++? The best cross-platform widget library is probably Tk. The astounding amount of documentation, tutorials and software written with it makes it so. Apart from Tcl, it has bindings for major languages (notably C, as C is the Tk's implementation language). It's easy to learn and use; it's much more lightweight than GTK+2 (and 3, of course), and, certainly, than Qt.
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  3. blackneos940

    blackneos940 Guest

    The reason why I ask is because I'm learning C++, and I need to be able to run it without downloading Python on each platform (yes, some Distros don't have it)..... :) While I use Python, and do LIKE it, the problem with using Tk and a Scripting Language is that the End User will have to download and Install Python/Python3 every time they want to use the Program..... Wait, did you say it's available for C.....? :3 Well then, that's new!....... ^^ I wonder how they added a GUI Library to a non-GUI Language.....? :>

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