what will be the best distro for a web developer

I want to shift Linux from windows. I'm totally new. I normally do web development (still learning). now I want to know that which distro will be best for me. please help me. kindly inform me.. thanks


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Literally any Linux distro will do.
Linux based operating systems are all created with developers in mind. All of the tools you'll ever need are in the repositories for pretty much every single Linux distro available.

Just choose a distro that you like, that runs well on your machine and looks and feels the way you want it to. Then install your tool-set for whatever type of development you want to do. It's really not difficult!

And that advice goes to any programmer who wants to get started with Linux. It really doesn't matter if you're a web developer, or a systems/desktop programmer. Professional, or amateur. All of the tools you'll ever need are available to you in every distro!



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Then, which one is most popula
For the last year the most popular distro of Linux [according to Distrowatch] is MX-Linux , a Debian based distro has been at the top,
But this doesn't necessarily make it the best for you, you need to download and try several different distributions with different desktops, run them live to see not only you prefer the look and feel of, but also which runs best on your equipment,
Don't jump in until you have tested the water!



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You don't say which direction you are going with web development but most popular is probably php eg Wordpress, Codeigniter or laravel; Python- Django, flask . Then there is use of js react.

Maybe what you could do is look at your current setup on Windows and have a look at some of the distro documentation and setting something up similar and how you are going to go about it . So are you using xampp or Apache. Have a look at your candidate Linux Distro documentation ; then maybe google something like enabling virtual hosts in http.conf for the distro and see if there is clear understandable documentation. Same for the forums have a look maybe at "virtual host problems " for ...distro; then google "virtual host problems solved" for Distro. That might give you an idea of real help.

Ideally you will want to refer to the documentation than relying on users in the first instance. A large user base if its populated by entry level doesn't necessarily give you the best chance of getting a solution. That said for Debian and derivatives there is plenty of books like " Debian Admin handbook " etc

Have at look at your candidate distro software package system and if you think you are going to easily understand it . But generally as said in comments above, find a distro that just gels with you and you feel you can find your way around it.

The first step is probably to get some .iso files for your final few Linux distro candidates get them onto a usb , boot up from usb and play with them


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