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What was your first Linux distribution?

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by lucasbytegenius, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. that would be ubuntu 9.04

  2. Minty-Linux

    Minty-Linux Guest

    My first linux was Winlinux, which installed in windows 98 as a program. You would load it like any other windows program, and it went into a full Linux desktop OS that was very primitive back then. It was a very old version of KDE. Then i tried Red Hat 5.2 Deluxe, which i still have the original manufacturer CDs for. Then i moved to Mandrake 7 and went on up from there.
  3. linux_lucid

    linux_lucid Guest

    Puppy linux wary ,now puppy Lucid, simple move from win xp & 7 to puppy.
    inserted cd and enjoyed the journey.
  4. I expected this thread to be full of Ubuntu and Mint.
    It was ubuntu for me. 9.04.
  5. nixsavy

    nixsavy Guest

    FreeBSD - was afraid to login when my BOSS advised to login with root :)
  6. ryanc

    ryanc Guest

    Redhat. Many years ago. Had a horrible time getting it to install on a noname laptop. Thankfully as the years went by my experiences installing Linux got much better and the last few years have been buttery smooth.
  7. samtheemo

    samtheemo Guest

    I first started off with Puppy Linux which is a minimal lightweight distribution. I still use it sometimes, but now I mostly use Arch Linux and Ubuntu. They're my favorite distros!
  8. GrumpyOldMan

    GrumpyOldMan Guest

    Debian. Back around 2003. Still use Debian at home, although the company standard is Ubuntu for development boxes. (I cheat and use KDE, instead of that annoying Gnome/Unity crap.)
  9. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    Ultimate Edition
  10. lobo

    lobo Guest

    Mandrake 9.x back around '02/'03

    Apparently that was based on a 2.4 kernel - but back then it could have been a walnut for all I knew...

    Setting up dial up was difficult enough, trying to get a USB DSL modem to work was eye watering...

    I particularly remember the Mandrake GUI tools being extremely flakey. I didn't know about mailing lists or the few forums that existed back then (I'd only been using the net on metered dial up for less than a year (but computers for much longer - late '80s) so I just went out and bought a few books and struggled on - mostly breaking stuff and reinstalling.

    Nowadays we have it easy (perhaps too easy). Forums like this one are a great, free, resource, populated by volunteers. It's a pity that some people don't really get this and often you see the type of member who turns up with an attitude where they feel it's ok to demand help and behave as if they are dealing with paid customer support people and thus believe they don't need to put in any effort for themselves.
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  11. arochester

    arochester Guest

    I don't really remember...

    I had a computer that didn't boot from CD and had no USB. I had to boot from a floppy, which passed to the CD. I had a dial-up modem.

    The first distro that I do remember/was impressed by/did work for me was Xandros
  12. cenyebin

    cenyebin Guest

    My first disrtbution of linux is ubutun recommended by one in a forums
  13. mek42

    mek42 Guest

    I don't remember if the first was Red Hat or Mandrake, but I ended up using SUSE (no cost SUSE, before the OpenSUSE fork, iirc) when I set up a personal computational system, back near when AMD first released the Opteron.
  14. Kovax

    Kovax Guest

    I started with Fedora and then migrated to Red Hat. This was before RHEL. I use CentOS at home and Suse at work.
    Knoppix or any of the live CD distros are an excellent way for beginners to start out on Linux. Im not a big fan of Unbuntu because it reminds me too much of Windoze
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  15. Tux1342

    Tux1342 Guest

    Ubuntu, tried many others after, now I'm with arch.
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  16. Same here. Started from Ubuntu, now using arch :D
  17. Jacamb

    Jacamb Guest


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