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What was your first Linux distribution?

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by lucasbytegenius, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. JimBobIII

    JimBobIII Guest

    My first distro was some build of Damn Small Linux, around 6 or 7 years ago. Needed to try recovering some files off an old laptop that was having boot errors. It wasn't until a couple years later that I started using Linux regularly.

  2. keylogger

    keylogger Guest

    for me Gentoo
  3. boyce

    boyce Guest

    I had used Debian.now i going to work on Ubuntu.that is derived from the debian
  4. Ubuntu's great, I think you'll like it a lot. When I found it I was so happy, I had tried so many distros before finding it.
  5. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    Ubuntu is derived from Debian but it is not Debian. It has its own repositories and its own way of getting things done. Actually there is still a lot to be explored in Debian. Have you tried some of the other desktop environments like Blackbox and Window Maker?
  6. I don't think he was implying that Ubuntu was Debian, but was most likely just providing facts for those who didn't know that Ubuntu was derived from Debian.
  7. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    Yes, I believe he is aware that Ubuntu is not Debian. I just wanted to point out the difference just in case those who do not know will think that they can use Ubuntu and Debian interchangeably. Debian and Ubuntu has got separate repositories which are not interchangeable.
  8. chemic

    chemic Guest

    My first Linux was Debian 4.0
  9. GoinEasy9

    GoinEasy9 Guest

    I first bought RedHat Linux OS 6.0 for use on a Thinkpad i1412. As a first time Noob, this didn't go well.
    Next was Sun's JDS, which installed, but, sound wouldn't enable. A common problem in the early 80's, but, it allowed me to experience Linux, learn some basic Bash commands and realize that I needed to learn more so I could rid myself of Windows.
    Mandrake 9.2 came next, then PCLinuxOS, then Mepis 6.5. I've become a fully functioning Linux user at that point and started erasing Windows off of my boxes.
    Started with sidux and learned a great deal, I used it for a couple of years. Onset of KDE 4.0 made me look for a Gnome2 based distro, and I found Fedora, which I've been using ever since. Except the Gnome3 horror show had me switch back to KDE. By this time KDE 4.5 was very much as stable as the old KDE 3.
    As I used Fedora, my old friends (the sane ones) from sidux forked aptosid and started "siduction". I became a user and a contributor to siduction.

    So, now half my machine run Fedora, the other half run siduction, and, I'm a happy Linux camper.
  10. justintech

    justintech Guest

    CentOS 5, on a Trixbox distro. Actually was running it in a VM on a whim, and never thought it would work. Now im running PIAF on CentOS 6, and I have done other stuff(webservers and VPS'es).
  11. Bill

    Bill Guest

    My first Linux distro was Fedora. I enrolled in a Unix Admin class in college and I figured I should try to become familiar with *nix before the class started.

    In hindsight, I should have started with something a little more geared towards beginners.
  12. Actually, a lot of Debian repositories are interchangable. That's part of why Debian distros are so awesome in my opinion.
  13. mikedenton

    mikedenton Guest

    Mandrake Linux release 7.0

    I still have my cd of Mandrake Linux release 7.0 i have had since like 98
  14. jubbly

    jubbly Guest

    My first Linux distro was Sam 2007


    It was a really good distro based on PClinuxOS. Had lot's of support out of the box too. But I don't think It has been updated since 2009. A shame because it had a nice little busy community attached too. I still keep a disc of it for old times sake.
  15. dalitso

    dalitso Guest

    Ubuntu 8.04 was my first linux distro. I love Ubuntu for its easier and the installation cd is under 700mb yet most packages fit right in it. I started with the server edition then went to the desktop one.
  16. ranser

    ranser Guest

    Ubuntu 7.04. I didn't know how to customize it back then and ran it in its default "ugly" mode.
  17. MonkEntosh

    MonkEntosh Guest

    Mine was . . . hold on remembering, becuase it has been awhile. I would have to say PHLAK that a friend was having me play around with.
  18. sahabcse

    sahabcse Guest

    My first is Fedora, Ubuntu 7.10 in desktop, server side Redhat 9...
  19. amol

    amol Guest

    Mine was slackware
  20. kudlab

    kudlab Guest

    Coherent on my 1st PC/AT (80286) clone system back in 89 / 90?

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