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What was the First Website You Ever Visited?

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by AnonaMoss, May 21, 2012.

  1. Primit1v3

    Primit1v3 Guest

    In '95, I believe it was probably the site for NORML and I know I spent a few hours on rotten.com around the same time period

  2. I think it was yahoo.com
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  3. I remember using sites like Yahoo! and Lycos, but also the Air Force home page and FirstGov.Gov. My first emails were on Yahoo!
  4. Machin Shin

    Machin Shin Guest

    I'm kind of surprised I have not seen it mentioned by anyone else here, but I think the first page I went to was some AOL spash page. I remember when we first tried out getting online it was with a trial AOL dial up account. It would dump you on their page that had links to all their AOL services.
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  5. samtheemo

    samtheemo Guest

    I can't remember exactly but I used to play around with Yahoo and Google a lot when I was a small kid. I'm pretty sure it's either one of them.
  6. Kovax

    Kovax Guest

    It has been so long but I think it was yahoo or some other type of search engine... I think it really shows the age differences when some say the first website they ever went to was Facebook... wow i feel old.
  7. MikeyD

    MikeyD Guest

    Haha true, I remember when you still had to have a university email address to create a Facebook account and not all schools had access my friends in Georgia hadn't gotten it yet when we'd just gotten it in Clemson. I guess that was in 2004-2005.
  8. KenJackson

    KenJackson Guest

    MickeyD, MickeyD, you're probably not helping Kovax feel less old.

    Do you remember fidonet? It was a system of cooperating bulletin board systems (BBS) that would transfer email. You would use your modem and telephone line to log onto local BBS which would periodically transfer mail to other BBSs. Your message would hop from BBS to BBS until it eventually got close to the recipient, who would periodically log in and retrieve messages.

    Why would anyone use that instead of regular email? Because the internet wasn't available yet for general use. I remember being impressed when I got my compuserve account because I could log into one local system and reach a bunch of different BBS-like sites (text mode--no graphical browser yet). We're talking late 1980's here.

    Facebook? Grief. That was decades later.
  9. mek42

    mek42 Guest

    The first website I remember going to, which I know is not the first one I went to, is the Sigma-Aldrich site to look up info for school, back in the mid 90s. I remember using Lynx before that, but not what I browsed for then.

    In a way, I miss the old days of data paucity - it was hard to find stuff, but the stuff you found was good stuff. Now it is also hard to find good stuff for all the garbage that needs to be sorted through.
  10. ainteinstein

    ainteinstein Guest

    To admit to the first web page that I visited would be showing my age. Shall I simply state that I got on line with my Hayes Smartmodem via Compuserve via PCDOS. The big discussions were builds and shareware. Then it was AOL and Dialup so what most would recognize as a web page today I guess would be AOL 's opening screen. But nobody has mentioned My Space ? I do believe my son's first web page was My Space.
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  11. Other than WebTV i visited a Star Trek website in the early 90s, I think 92?
  12. I don't remember it precisely though, but it was yahoo i guess. :)

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