What to do with tons of Dell R-200 servers that are laying around after last upgrade?



So, this may be a strange question to ask, but we have a TON of Dell R-200 servers in inventory that we don't know what to do with!!

We recently did an upgrade and we don't need them anymore. Most of the servers are Dual Xeon with RAID hard drives. They are great servers, and have never left the data center until we pulled them out of service during our last upgrade cycle. Most of them are less then 3 years old. We just don't have a use for them.

Any suggestions?

Huge sale on dedicated servers?


Contest to forum members? Winner gets an r200 (they prob have to pay shipping.. like $80?)
You can donate some to the "Make Tom Happy" foundation ;)
I'd sell it to ebay. I remember My coworker got cisco 2500 series in our company and we sold it in ebay easily after telling that it still contains company's config.

We get to drink tons of beer after it :D
Those could become your test lab. We use our older equipment to test patches and new configurations prior to putting them in production.
production/net servers. 3 year old equipment is suitable... like any dual core processor. or sow mill factory for inventory on sales and stuff.
I would sell them on eBay if you are not going to use them. I would think they would go for quite a bit of money each

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