What Printers Are Best For Linux?


Brett C

The Linux Distro that I will be using is Zorin OS 9 when it comes out. However, I will need a printer that will work with Linux. (Ubuntu).

Normally, I use an all in one printer. So I will need it to scan and save the scan as PDF. I am not looking to have special code written just to have this to work or have commands in place.

Thanks in advance.
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I recently bought a n Epson WF-3540 and am very pleased with it. They have gone down about $40 since I bought mine, too -- to around $120
I have an Epson Stylus CX 8400. The ink is terribly priced but from an OS standpoint it works well with Linux. As long as the escpr driver is used.
My HP cheapo printer works great with all the Linux distros that I've played with! (Haven't try with Gentoo yet) it even does the wireless nicely
So far Mint 16, zorin 8 and netrunner all see my wireless HP 6520 with no problems.
Wireless printers work well on linux or any other OP. And as for printing you don't have to scan and save as a pdf file, printing comes very easy.
Stay away from all Canon printers. It is possible that some might work, but none that I have encountered were compatible. I agree with @arochester, HP works best.
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