What it do

WTF?!?! LMAO, my favorite aunt's name was Elaine, that's cool, lol. I personally LOVE spice, so I don't think I could BAN it, per se, but if she, or y'all, were to ever eat my food, I would absolutely, POSITIVELY make sure there were no chili seeds anywhere close to her food, lol

So dare I ask - how did the ops go, or is that secret women's business?

Good to have you back, anyway. :)

Hi everyone! I've dealt with rooting phones, and mobile platforms for a couple of years, so I thought it was time to move up and learn something new. In addition to being a U.S. Army wife, I also am a mom to 4 children, all grown, and one fur-baby as well as being a full-time student in culinary school and have a full-time job at home. I am excited to meet new people, and learn new things, y'all just gotta be patient with a mutha, ya dig? lol
Patience abounds here, madam, Welcome aboard!:D

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