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what is your favorite Linux?

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by kimipatel, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. kimipatel

    kimipatel Guest

    I hope I creating threads on write place. If you are working IT then you might be aware of Linux operating system and If you are working as Oracle DBA then you must aware of Linux. There are lots of Linux available like Red Hat, Mandrake, CentOS, Caldera, FreeBSD.
    My favorite linux is red hat... N yours?


  2. alphaser

    alphaser Guest


  3. GNUguy

    GNUguy Guest

    Currently Mageia
  4. OldSmoky2

    OldSmoky2 Guest

    Currently, it's Kubuntu, but I think I am going to give Mageia 2 a try.
  5. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

  6. houndhen

    houndhen Guest

    You didn't say how much ram your HP has. Since I don't chat but use forums, some forums are not that helpful and at times the replies are downright rude. One great distro for me is PCLOS and their forum is helpful and friendly. I favor KDE over other desktops but KDE takes more processing power than some of those distros already mentioned.
  7. GNUguy

    GNUguy Guest

    About 4(?) years ago, I inherited a relatives Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop. Since it's 64-bit, I tried anything 64-bit I could find at the time. I remember trying the various *buntus. They were very disappointing. Tried them all with various DEs. I almost cracked open the laptop to see if in fact there really was 2G RAM and a dual 64-bit AMD. The laptop ran like it was an old Pentium with 256.

    Then I found sidux. Wow! What a pleasant surprise! I stuck with sidux through the changes to aptosid. It was almost 3 full, fairly good, enjoyable years. Then I got careless during an update and fouled up my install. And, of course, like everyone else I had no backup.

    The project had forked or something and siduction had come out, but I decided to try something else. So here I am using mageia. And so far, so good. No complaints.

    But I still watch siduction and might consider switching back, although I noticed Vector came out with a 64-bit version now, too. And then there's Pear and Bodhi. Well, I guess my distro-hopping days aren't over yet.

    Anyhow, nice to see a referal for siduction.
  8. Fahad

    Fahad Guest

    ubuntu it's a very good .. !
  9. jasko

    jasko Guest

    I use Ubuntu it works fine
  10. vimer_001

    vimer_001 Guest

    ubuntu and centos
  11. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    @GNUguy -- I also got caught up in the sidux/aptosid political BS -- this is why I was so glad to discover siduction.
    BTW, a new Dev Release has come out, according to distrowatch -- "Riders on the Storm," it's called.

    Secondarily, IMHO, is the 'buntu:Mint 'hybrid' called Peppermint-3-20121105 in both i386 and amd64 architectures.

    For those adventurous enough, Salix OS, in either arch and Fluxbox, KDE, LXDE, MATE or Xfce

    Best wishes, all!
  12. akbarali

    akbarali Guest

    I like ubuntu as it is very good in its stability
  13. telemicus

    telemicus Guest

    Mint for me. Everything just works!
  14. Timmy1

    Timmy1 Guest

    i have Ubuntu now, works great. but i am going to try Fedora.
  15. LArchimonde

    LArchimonde Guest

    I jump mostly from Ubuntu to Arch, but Arch is more suited for my needs.
  16. Artim

    Artim Guest

    I'm a scarycat, lol. I need stability first, simplicity second, speed third, and beauty fourth. Those are my priorities. Xubuntu LTS met that criteria very nicely, until big major updates came rapidly and furiously and scared the heck out of me. Two kernel updates in the same week for goodnessakes! No no no no noooo, stability is Priority #1! Out of fear of the next update totally breaking the system, I searched the 'net for an alternative and ended up with the awesomest, most delightful Xfce distro! It's Slackware-based, so it's as stable as Old Debian but with fully up-to-date software. It's Xfce so it's simple and pretty, and oh my gosh, it's so F A S T ! Zoom, zoom!

    And it's simple enough for a farm girl, so it gets big plus there too. It's called SalixOS (I can't post links yet, this is only my second post - just google it). I never thought I'd leave Xubuntu, but I have a theory that although Xubuntu was once-upon-a-time intended for modest hardware, now it's just an alternate desktop for Ubuntu users who don't like Unity. 12.10 is the last Xubuntu release that will still fit on a CD. It's getting bigger and richer and I wish it well, but I've found my new favorite, my new "default distro," and I'm it's newest rabid fangirl.

    A Happy Girl,
  17. h4ru

    h4ru Guest

    i use linux mint,
    i feel good with mint,
    hihihihhi :)
  18. Artim

    Artim Guest

    My parents love Xubuntu! All those updates that scared me away, they continue to get. And so far, nothing broke except the old version of Flash didn't work - fixed with a new one. As much as I enjoy the stability I have with SalixOS, I miss those wonderful Ubuntu repositories and the trouble-free, dependency-handling of APT. So I'd have to split my vote between SalixOS and good ol' Xubuntu.


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