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What is your Daily ride Distro wise???


Hi Folks,

What is your Daily work horse Distro you use for daily computing?

Puppy (various mainly Slacko) and Refracta.


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I'm currently running a stripped-back version of Debian Testing with a lightly customised version of dwm (re-compiled with my own colour scheme, some additional keybinds for quick-launching applications, transparency support etc.)


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Ubuntu for workstation with Unity desktop
Ubuntu server & Debian 7 & 8 for my servers (Obviously, bash only)


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Lubuntu LTS for my laptop and Ubuntu server LTS for my server. I use various other Linux distros for my projects but mostly prefer the debian/ubuntu systems.


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I've had the desktop on Linux Lite for about 18 months or so, but will probably switch (back) to Linux Mint before long, or maybe Debian. I usually have Debian on the laptop.


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Debian on all my systems. Debian Testing on my main computer, my Lenovo laptop. When using a GUI, KDE is my only choice, although Gnome packages as needed for any Gnome applications installed.

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