What is the *worst* skill you have?

You can also say, "My wife" or "My husband" or even "My partner" without violating the whole no-sexual content rule. You can even talk about your spouse/partner. Like mine... She's pretty awesome. She uses Lubuntu but has tried a few other distros. She can install on her own and doesn't need my help with it.
And if I described my wife, or yours, in misogynistic or demeaning terms (even without being overtly "sexual"), that's okay?

I am trying to speak up and say that I think it is not okay. The -tard words do not offend me personally, but I do think they are offensive to others. Does that not matter in the name of humor? Is carefully crafted racist banter okay? No, it's not.

In private conversations, men can joke and act like the pigs that we are, myself included, though it is not something I'm proud of. Things that may seem funny in private are not necessarily funny on a public forum.

I'm sorry if you disagree with my assessment. I've told you before: I have big shoulders and won't be offended if you'd prefer to delete or edit my contributions.
And I apologize to you, @Terminal Velocity, that my finger-pointing headed your way. You did not offend me, as I said above. No one has offended me.

It's the thread itself... looking for the *worst* that we can find in ourselves. There are a lot of bad things in humanity that we can dredge up... things within each of us. I am old, and I have plenty of faults (my wife can list them for you).

This thread (I guess) is about humor, not Linux. I just don't find it that funny, and some may be offended by it because humor does not cross all boundaries the same. And it has a lot of potential to go further downhill from here (in my point of view). I think it is a poor topic, and I've said my peace. @KGIII can do as he thinks best.
Whenever, every time, and all the times I don't check the opening times of a venue, I will arrive there when it's closed. No matter what. Always. Every single time.

Which conversely means that, if you have the need of having a venue closed for the day, just tell me to get there without checking the opening times and BAM: the universe will rearrange itself.
LOL Now that's a horrible skill to have, especially if you need things from more boutique stores.
I have the amazing superpower of starting lots of personal projects but never finishing any of them!

I either get bored and give up, or a more interesting/exciting project idea comes along and the other idea gets shelved, never to be worked on again. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD or ADHD, or something?! I’m like a flipping squirrel on caffeine… Despite the fact I haven’t drank caffeine for years because of chronic migraine!

I really aught to re-visit some of my pet projects and try to finish some of them! :/

Oh, and I have an insane propensity for procrastination!
I am right there with you. Once I hit 80, my powers of concentration waned. As an author, I've started many novels, yet only two have been published to date. Don't give in to the Sloth Syndrome. As Admiral Akbar said, "it's a trap!"

Once I hit 80, my powers of concentration waned.

Your profile says 79, for the record.

Either way, we have lots of aged people here. That is people retired or nearing the retirement age.
Well, July is rapidly approaching so I'm getting used to the new decade. I probably should have worded the post differently.

It's all good. I often forget how old I am. Hmm... I'm pretty sure I'm 64. Pretty sure...
My worst skill has to be operating windows now. lol
I get so lost looking for stuff on windows now its just nuts.
I have a patch on a hat that reads "I cause safety briefings" The Army loved to have safety briefings. Yeah I can be that guy.

I am the one who has a cartload of toys for the nieces years ago when they started the Anti Christmas thing. I was at the register about to check out and "Happy Holidays" was used, I then asked "What Holiday is it?" The woman said they were not allowed to say it, I left the cart and walked out. A lady behind me actually did the same.

I guess I am good at being a troublemaker in some instances. I am bullheaded and there are just times when I need to take a stand. I hold the doors open for women, years ago got off my bike, leathers, a beard, held the door, the women went all angry about she does not need the help of a man. This was at a mall. They had a Harley shop, was grabbing some new riding gloves, grabbed a bite, as I was walking out that same lady had her arms full and I did not open the door for her.
Not being a Christian, I use season's greetings [if the date clashes with one of the ancient festivals] or happy holiday if not, except the late December celebrations, where I always reply, and a blessed Yule to you.
women's lib has a lot to answer for, courtesy both ways has sadly declined, I still open doors for the fairer sex, and offer my seat to one on the train or bus, and open car doors for them, I feel sorry for those who take offence at politeness
very few people are Christian, particularly the ones that go to Church ; hopefully this does not contravene rules and i get "crucified" haha
Oh, come on now... Don't make me work on a Friday afternoon.
Many peoples' best skill (especially those in elected public offices) is deception. Some would say my 'worst' skill is seeing through the BS. I say its not keeping my mouth shut when I see it!

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