What is so good about Pi Hole ?

So what is so good about Pi Hole ?

It's hard to know where to start .
Apart from being a system wide DNS resolver , and superb ad-blocker , it has shown me so much
about my network traffic that I never noticed before , and it's not for want of looking either ,
I've got a whole arsenal of weapons to do that , but I still had my eyes opened by Pi Hole .

I currently have over a million toxic sites actively blocked , from curated lists that I will happily share
with anyone interested .
It's been running here 24/7 for two years , on a Pi ZeroW , which cost about 15 beer tokens ,
and runs on a cheapo usb charger , and it uses about 3 watts .....
.... what's not to like about that arrangement ?

" What have you done for me lately ? " .... here's a trivial example of the deliciousness :-
Are you tired of seeing youtube ads , forcibly served , even in mid-stream these days ?
Then just block these in your Pi Hole

Pretty much all the info needed to make a start is here :-

BTW - I'm a bit of a security/privacy maniac , perhaps I should have mentioned that in my intro post !


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So what is so good about Pi Hole ?
I have no idea.

I use Ublock Origin and DuckDuckgo privacy essentials and I have absolutely no problems with ads coming through.


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Much the same reaction as @poorguy .....I have absolutely no problem with ads....and I certainly dont use that sort of arrangement to stop them !

I am also mindfful that a great deal of the ads are inserted by youtube(google) in the middle of a stream etc are there by arrangement with the poeple/person who made the video and are relied on by those people for their income. They have put a great deal of work into making the videos in the first place and have had to satisfy extensive requirements from google to get to the stage of getting paid.......

If I am not in the mood to watch an add....I either click on "skip add"....or watch something else


Pi-hole nah dinna need it and as for ads they don't really bother me just skip them as I know what I want and need so what they are advertising don't interest me in the least.

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