What do you like most about Linux?



I personally like the fact it's commonly supported online, many people know something about it and I love the fact you can get cPanel on it! What about you?



It's free, it's efficient, it's technologically superior, it's fast, and it is simply awesome!

There are many benefits to using Linux, both practically and ideologically. Practically, you get an open development model, which means that bugs and flaws in the software don't usually stick around long, and that makes Linux very stable and reliable. It's also free, which means that whether you're a consumer or an enterprise, adoption is easy and costless! And the open development model contributes to innovation and creativity since there is no fear of losing money, and that allows for amazing, unique and new programs.

Ideologically, you're supporting a movement to a democratic, honest paradigm of computing, which is better for everyone. A paradigm that bases value not on how much money a program is gonna make but on how it contributes to the greater good and freedom of everyone! That makes Linux nothing but a win-win in my book!


I like that I can do anything I need on the server remotely and from command line from any pc..


For me it's choice, flexibility, freedom and the lack of malware and virus
worries. But I understand that Linux because it is Open Source is why it's
free (as in freedom) and the wide variety of development tools (and
developers) is why the repository is so useful. I appreciate scalability
because it allows me to use my "oldish" hardware without issue -- running
faster and more efficiently than newer machines laboring under Windows.
What little I know of the CLI has become useful for me ('locate' is a
great utility for example) -- and, if I can learn SED and AWK, the CLI
will become even more useful for database chores. As I learn more, I'm
more and more appreciative of the common sense setup of file structure
and, unlike detractors, I think the ability to easily change the OS
configuration in text files is fantastic. As far as being free, I've spent
much more money on Linux and Linux books than I ever directly spent on


I like that is has saved my ass so many times! haha! I use it on a daily basis for forensics on windows machines, and I basically live by the mantra "you can do anything in linux" and it has yet to let me down! I can usually Google what I want to do, and its as easy as an apt-get install and then I am doing it!


it's because i love opensource, customization, vast of command so the learning process never stop, the ability to use SSH which is the best and secure.

Stefano Messicano

Takes no viruses is the best quality that i appreciate of Linux.Being a UNIX-like system (like Mac) the packet system, the opening of the same user password through the user's permission and can not run programs that are self-installing, make it virtually impossible for the infection. Many people confuse the two plans, saying that it is possible to create viruses for the Linux OS: sure you can, but to make them "turn" a user must be such a fool as to give permission to something unknown. Furthermore, the damage would be limited to personal folders (user) and not the OS. Which is why, after making a backup of your data on a pendrive or external HD, it is safe.


The main thing I like is the freedom; nothing makes me angrier than a company like Apple or Microsoft telling me what I can or can't do with my computing environment.

Me on the phone with Apple:
"It's mine. That means I do whatever I like with it. Mind your own business."

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