What are your hobbies?


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Hhmm, tough one, I will probably flesh out, over time

Brewing Beer
Brewing Beer

... oh, and Linux

Nice one, Peer


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Troubleshooting old vacuum tube electronics.
Old table radios and some old wooden cabinet floor models.
Old stereo receivers and audio amplifiers and other audio equipment.
Old amateur radio equipment etc.

I like going to the farm and shooting firearms 45 ACP and 357 magnum and 38 special revolvers.
I reload my ammunition which makes this a lot more affordable than having to purchase ammunition.

Many other hobbies these are just my favorites.

Bayou Bengal

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College Football
College Baseball


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Working in wood , metal, and stone.
Ripping old machinery and engines apart refurbishing the parts or making new parts then rebuilding them. This also includes modifying them slightly so they function better.
Designing machinery
Reading everything and anything as well as Writing.
Fishing but whether I catch anything is neither here nor there, just being one with the waves and sea.
Cooking and learning about other cuisines and the methods they use in the kitchen and blending it into my own style of cooking.
And to supplement the cooking, love to garden and grow those fruits and vegies you don't see often if at all in the supermarket.


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I play drums in two bands, I play guitar and bass. I like listening to music. I read a lot. I tinker with Linux and free software. I watch a lot of films and anime. And I enjoy a bit of retro gaming on my old consoles.

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