What are you using your single-boards for?


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Forgot one. Was at Micro Center, they had the PiTop for sale on the clearance rack for 35 bucks. So I has a 14 inch monitor self contained Pi B+ also installed a 3-5v amp and some small speakers inside.

And then there is the original 3B+ in a wire framed tilting mount, that I made with the 7 inch TS monitor, plus a lipo-power board, tiny wireless keyboard. That is what got it all started.


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I got two Raspberry Pi.

The PI 3 B+ running RasbianOS for retro arcade.

The PI4 4GB running Manjaro and I use it to play back movies and series that I copy from my original dvd/blu Ray to make easier to watch rather fetching the disc also keep the disc intact.

The pi4 is better than pi3 but still getting some freeze so I use boot on SD then load linux from external hard drive it runs better but sometime it freeze.. probably need to buy SSD to make more smoother and no freeze.

Do you use swap on for your PI? Especially on manjaro.


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I won mine as a prize at a hackathon, somehow. o_O At the moment I've been fiddling around doing baby's first robotics project with it.

(It's me, I'm the baby.)


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I have some original Pi that never got used. I was going to build out my own electronic driveway gate that supported things like RFID and scheduling. I never got to it.

I currently have a NUC (which I'm not sure quite qualifies as a SBC?) that I use to pirate live television. I even have a remote and a small remote keyboard.


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I have yet to embed a Pi into an industrial robot, but I have embedded a couple of BS2SX modules, and also used the BS1 to change sensors from forked infrared to reflective for detecting clear product. It was challenging, but fun.:cool:

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I saw mention in there of getting Slackware on a pi? I'd appreciate it if you guys could post some specifics as to just how you go about doing that...


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Raspberry ssd usb boot home computer in the works. I get bored with just one system so I'm on the path to learning 4 popular systems.
Trying to get into networking security school so why not have all the systems you can . Left some unallocated space for anything I don't have.


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