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Many Linux distros exist. Some, like Ubuntu, are very popular. Linux users are familiar with the dominate Linux distros. In fact, many articles exist about the top X-amount of best Linux distros. However, many people do not read about the unpopular or unheard of Linux distros. This article will discuss some of the weirdest, unpopular, and unheard-of Linux distros.

Ubuntu Satanic Edition is a Ubuntu remix that uses GNOME2. The desktop uses a dark-colored theme. The last released version was based on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick).

Ubuntu Christian Edition is like Ubuntu Satanic Edition, except the theme, wallpapers, and icons pertain to various Christian ideas and events. This distro also comes with Quelea, OpenLP, Xiphos, and other software related to Christian studies.

Hannah Montana fans may enjoy "Hannah Montana Linux". The system is Kubuntu with a different default theme. This distro is intended for children.

Red Star OS is a North Korean Linux distro that started in 2002. This distro is only available in the Korean language. The distro is x86-compatible and comes in client and server editions. The default user interface is KDE. This distro is still current and uses the Firefox web-browser.

Cuba has a state-sponsored Linux distro called Nova. Originally, in 2009, the distro was Gentoo-based while newer versions are Ubuntu-based. The distro supports x86 and x86-64 architectures. The default user interface is GNOME3 in the Escritorio Edition while the Ligero Edition uses a custom desktop interface called "Guano". The server edition is called Servidor.

Apartheid Linux is a Linux distro for white-racists. This distro comes with swastika wallpapers and has various security tools such as Tor. The distro is a remix of PCLinuxOS and uses the LXDE desktop environment. So, if you like PCLinuxOS and you are a white supremest, then Apartheid Linux is the distro to help suit your racist needs (whatever those might be).

"Damn Vulnerable Linux" is a Linux system that is purposely designed to have security flaws. The reason for this distro is for security training. Students can find and study the flaws. This distro is not intended for regular main-stream use.

CAELinux is a Ubuntu-based distro that is designed for computer aided engineering. This distro comes with many CAD and graphics programs that are open-source. The distro comes on a liveCD.

"" is the name of a live Linux distro dedicated to gaming. The distro comes with many games and emulators. The distro's name is also the web-address.

Musix is a multimedia Linux distro. The system is based on Debian Linux and comes with a variety of multimedia-related software (including proprietary software).

Volumio (originally called RaspyFi) is a Debian-based Linux distro that runs on the Raspberry Pi, CuBox, BeagleBone, and other hard-float ARM (armhf) motherboards. This distro is used to make various music devices such as jukeboxes or music servers. LXDE is the default desktop interface.

Rocks Cluster is a Linux distro dedicated to clustering. The system is based on RedHat and is x86 and x86-64 compatible. The default desktop environment is GNOME3.

Caos Linux is another clustering distro. However, this distro is discontinued.

Ubuntu DesktopPack is a Ubuntu-based system that focuses on gaming and education. Many varieties of this distro are available such as the Unity pack, Cinnamon pack, Razor pack, etc. There are also alternatives such as the Lubuntu DesktopPack, Xubuntu DesktopPack, and Kubuntu DesktopPack. Besides English support, this distro also has additional support for Russian and Ukrainian. The distro comes with additional software (compared to Canonical's Ubuntu) such as codecs, drivers, etc..

Vinux is a Ubuntu-based system that is designed for people with visual-impairments. The default user interface is Unity, and the distro comes with extra accessibility tools.

Void is a Linux distro for the Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, Odroid, desktop systems, and more. The available user interfaces available include Enlightenment, Cinnamon, Mate, and XFCE (depending on the chosen edition). The distro also supports many architectures such as x86, x86-64, and ARM. This distro uses the XBPS package management system (void-packages) and the distro is not based on other flavors of Linux.

Overclockix is a Debian-based system that is optimized for over-clocking. The distro supports x86 and x86-64. The default user interface is GNOME3.

Gentoox is a Gentoo-based distro designed to run on Xbox consoles. This distro has been discontinued. Running this distro on the Xbox requires hacking/modding to the game console.


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