Wanted: A practical guide to Hard Drive & File Allocation Table Recovery etc.


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Mar 31, 2021
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Hi, I'm new here.
I've recently posted a reply to: Jarret W. Buse here
I now see that it's an old post, and he's shown as a Guest, so I don't know if he's likely to reply.
So I posted it again here, hope this is OK?

Thanks J for this overview.
I've been looking for some for practical info on Hard Drive File Allocation Table Recovery etc.
Preferably a step by step approach.
I've found a lot of theory online, but not practical info.
Can you (or anyone else) suggest any practical books or online info?
Many thanks

The topic you replied to is an old article as you already noticed this is the author's new account, if you checke their recent posts you will see that they are still active. When I do a search on File Data Recovery this book comes at as one one of the only decent books.
Many thanks for the reply and taking the time to search for FAT info, however, that book is just 30 pages of basically advertising!

As he's changed his username, I'm not sure how I can contact him?
Other than posting to his last new post with my off topic post?
Can I contact him in any other way, PM ?
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