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Want to eliminate Win 10 / Install Ubuntu on laptop

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Barefooten, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Barefooten

    Barefooten New Member

    Nov 26, 2018
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    Currently, I use 2 offline stand alone towers for all offline activity (mainly .docs / spread sheets / editing music audios & videos...et al) Also, on 1 laptop, I installed Ubuntu fm a flash drive I created. (That has been my Linux noobie practice zone and is piggybacked with a Win 7 O/S.)

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    I, also, have a 2nd laptop that came preloaded with Win 10 and have played around with it for 2 years = the first platform since Win 97 that I've truly come to hate and want to completely replace it with a Linux distro. I plan to dedicate that machine to online activity and email correspondence....99% for search functions.

    One day while on my Win 7 laptop, I received a routine request to change my Yahoo password. Upon changing the p/w, I received an error msg stating the "new password cannot be recognized". Repeated attempts on this machine and the 2 stand alone towers = same results. HACKED ! !

    RE: the my other (Win 10) laptop: In the beginning, I was req'd to submit an email addy + password for log in purposes. Cold boots would populate a screen on which the E-address appeared along with the appropriate box awaiting a p/w entry. Upon typing in a p/w on this machine, error msg now says "doesn't recognize this email address".......REALLY, the same one already appearing on the screen after a boot and prior to entering the p/w...??? Dead In The Water - I cannot access that laptop at all. HACKED ! !

    I would like to eliminate Win 10 altogether on that laptop and dedicate it strictly to Linux, completely devoid of anything Windows.

    My question: How can I install Ubuntu onto a machine which I cannot access at all. If I could access, I'd simply follow the install command to erase everything Windows during the Ubuntu install. (All applicable backups were performed long ago.)

    Also, is there an install disk avail out there containing just 'bare bones' avail, from there I could build?

    Thank You !
  2. arochester

    arochester Moderator
    Staff Member Gold Supporter

    Apr 25, 2017
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