Want to Dual Load a Linux with windows 7 on my dell laptop



Hey I have a dell laptop and its starting to run a bit slow also i sorta dislike windows 7 so i want to maybe get linux but not lose windows 7 with my camtaisia studio i have 64gb memory usb stick Which distribution would you recomomend and any tips / instructions
I use my laptop mainly for internet browsing video watching and minecraft any tips :) i also have 119gb space free on my hardrive, that should be enough???




There are many distros of GNU/Linux. I recommend Oz Unity and Ultimate Edition because they are some of my favorites. Please look into the different distros available.

Once you have selected the distro you like, use a Live USB creation tool to put it onto the USB drive. In Windows 7 shrink the partition to a size that gives both systems decent free space.

You then have two options. Install the Linux boot loader into the MBR and allow it to control the boot process or install it to the partition and add it to the Windows boot loader with EasyBCD.


What MODEL is your Dell Laptop? Does it have UEFI secure boot?


I recommend on Sharp OS, it consumes very little memory and especially CPU.
It is based on LXDE therefore it's super fast and light weight but in the other hand has an impressive design, one of the best I've seen. Should be no problem working with virtual machine of Windows 7 through there and dedicate most of the resources to the virtual machine. To get through www.grasshopperos.com

Even a 10 year old PC can run it smoothly as you can see here:

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